Sandra Bullock Dishes on ‘Full Months’ of Sleepovers With Her and Channing Tatum’s Daughters (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the actress at 'The Lost City' premiere in Los Angeles.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum's daughters formed a sweet friendship thanks to their famous parents. ET's Cassie DiLaura spoke to Bullock at the premiere of her new film, The Lost City in Los Angeles Monday, where she dished on the "full months" of sleepovers their little girls had while the pair were filming the action-packed movie.

"They are," Bullock responded when asked if her daughter, Laila, 10 and Tatum's daughter, Everly 8, were best friends after the time they spend on set with their parents. "It was full months of sleepovers. I mean, they're the same. They're two A-type strong women who just, you know, they're exerting their power. I respect it."

Bullock stars in the film as Loretta Sage, a reclusive romance-adventure author who's spent her career writing about exotic places. Tatum is the novels' cover model, Alan, who strives to embody the books' hero character, Dash, in real life.

While the pair is promoting Loretta's latest book, she's kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe), who wants to find the treasure featured in her newest novel. Alan sets out to rescue the author, as they're both thrown into an epic jungle adventure.

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The girls will certainly have plenty more sleepovers in their future if a Lost City sequel comes to fruition. When asked if she'd be up for making the film into a franchise, Bullock said if there's anyone who could write The Lost City 2, it would be the film's screenwriter, Dana Fox.

"Does lighting strike twice? I don't think so," the Miss Congeniality actress said. "But as I said before, Dana Fox. If anyone could write this, it would be Dana Fox. And it would just be endless days on Zoom. It took us about six months to get the script to where it was the first time, so, if we have another year to get it going right, you never know."

The evening turned out to be a family affair for Bullock, who had her family in tow for the premiere.

"I think everyone's just happy to be out and about in a way that we know we can do it safely and have a good time. I'm excited," Bullock gushed. "This is the first time we've been to the theater in over two years."

While the film definitely had its fair share of awkward moments -- that infamous leech scene included -- Bullock assured us that she explained it all to her kids before getting to the theater.

"I explained it. I discussed everything," she shared. "I said, 'There's some blood. It's okay. And there's some having discussions with the penis.' And I said, 'I didn't see it,' and Laila's was just like...she's convinced I did, but I said I didn't."

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Bullock not only brought her children along for her big night, she had her sister with her too, who get her very own Lost City memorabilia thanks to her big sis -- an autograph from Radcliffe.

"I have no shame," she said of the only autograph she's ever asked for. "There's little coffee stains on it, so, he was obviously drinking coffee when he signed it. It was pretty amazing, and he's such a kind person."

The Lost City hits theaters March 25.