Sara Gilbert Photographed Without Her Wedding Ring After Separation From Wife Linda Perry


Sara Gilbert is no longer wearing her wedding ring. 

The former Talk co-host was photographed in Los Angeles on Saturday for the first time after filing for separation from wife Linda Perry. Gilbert, who filed court documents on Friday, stepped out in a gray sweater, jeans and a camouflage beanie. She turned away from the camera, hiding her eyes underneath a pair of sunglasses, while another pair hung on the top of her sweater. 

News of Gilbert, 44, and Perry's, 54, split comes five years after they tied the knot in May 2014. They're parents to 4-year-old son Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.

Gilbert is also mom to 15-year-old son Levi and 12-year-old daughter Sawyer, who she shares with TV producer Allison Adler. Gilbert and Adler split from in August 2011 after a 10-year relationship.


Perry gushed about finding her "person" in Gilbert during a 2014 interview with ET. 

"I smoked my whole entire... since I was 15, and one day I was in mid-smoke, mid-drink, done, coffee, done, all of it.  These are all distractions.  I need to get all this out of the way.  And then I started eating better, I started focusing on me and what I needed to do to change myself.  And then all of a sudden I just started, like, having this whole other relationship with myself which then started making me look at people a little bit differently and what I deserve.  And then my yoga instructor introduced me to Sara," she recalled. 

After a few months of hanging out as friends, Perry developed a crush on Gilbert. "I'm like, 'She's just so sexy. She's so mysterious and there's something. She's so smart.' And that was it. Like, that moment, when I said she's so smart, she's so sexy, like, she is not in my league at all. She's way out of my league.  When I knew that she was out of my league but I was gonna go after her, I knew right then and there, that was it," Perry said. "There's nobody else. That is the person I'm supposed to be with. That is my penguin. That is my person, that is my one, because I'm going to make her my one."

"I just love hanging out with her. It's just a good time with Sara. It's just a good time, like we have a really... It doesn't ever feel labored, it doesn't feel like we're trying, it just feels like we are," she explained. 

See more on Gilbert and Perry in the video below. 


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