Sarah Ferguson Gives Update on Queen Elizabeth's Corgis Nearly a Year After Her Death

Sarah Ferguson
Instagram/Sarah Ferguson

Ferguson has been taking care of the dogs since the queen's death in September.

Sarah Ferguson is sharing an update on Queen Elizabeth II's beloved corgis nearly one year after Her Majesty's death last September.

On a new episode of her podcast, Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, Ferguson shared that the late monarch's dogs, Muick and Sandy -- whom she and Prince Andrew gifted to the royal -- are "showing her the way" on the old trails and paths the queen used to take them on.

The duchess, who has been recovering after undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer last month, shared that she hasn't been as mobile as of late. Ferguson revealed that she had even had to employ dog walkers to get her and the Duke of York's seven dogs out of Royal Lodge Windsor -- where she and her ex-husband still reside -- and back on their daily walks.

"Having seven dogs -- they don't understand that perhaps I'm not as mobile as I was," Ferguson told co-host Sarah Thomson. "So, they're going, 'Hello?! Come on. It's all about me.'" The dogs are very needy."

Sandy and Muick were gifted to Her Majesty over the pandemic by the duchess and duke, while the queen's husband, Prince Philip, was in the hospital ahead of his death in April 2021. 

While she hasn't been able to take them on their daily walks in recent weeks, the 63-year-old author did share that she was given the green light to do "more walking" than she has been.

"They might be happy with me," she noted. 

Ferguson has been spending time with the pups, however, and revealed that she took all seven of them to where the queen used to walk them.

"I was chatting to them, saying, 'Now where do we go?' And they were sort of showing me the way. And there was a little woodland walk that was made specially for the queen," Ferguson said. "It's just so special. It was actually very wonderful to have a moment to really remember, 'cause this time last year, the queen would've been going to Balmoral, and we would've walked exactly where we walked yesterday together, and then the queen would've said, 'See you up in Scotland.'"

She continued, "And so the doggies -- it was very moving actually. And at one stage, Andrew and I just sat quietly under some really beautiful trees, and I asked him if he was all right without his mom and dad. He said, 'It's lonely.' He thinks about it a lot, but it's sort of like, people process grief in their own way. And it's not just him, he's human like everybody else. And I process my grief and my loss my way."

Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96 on Sept. 8. A source at the time revealed to ET that the dogs were by her side during the final hours of her life

"Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis were with her in her final hours in her room at Balmoral," the source said, adding that the pair "were there to comfort the queen."   

During her funeral, Sandy and Muick walked inside of Windsor Castle ahead of the Committal Service for Her Majesty. The dogs were spotted with two handlers who held on to their leashes as they stood, and at times, rested while the queen's coffin made the arrival for the final portion of the ceremony.  

Shortly after her death, Prince William assured mourners that the queen’s prized pets were doing well and in good hands following her death, and a month after that, Ferguson shared an update of her own with the Telegraph, telling the publication that the dogs were adjusting well to life with her five terriers.

"They all balance out, the carpet moves as I move but I’ve got used to it now," Ferguson shared.

The duchess added that having the "national treasures" with her and the Duke of York has been "a big honor."