Sarah Hyland Shares Sweet Update on Married Life With Wells Adams (Exclusive)

The 'Play-Doh Squished' host opened up to ET about how life has changed after exchanging vows.

Enjoying the honeymoon phase! Sarah Hyland is opening up about married life after she exchanged vows with her husband, Wells Adams, back in August.

Sitting down with ET's Denny Directo, the Play-Doh Squished host opened up about her star-studded wedding ceremony, and how life after getting hitched has been "amazing."

"Wells and I keep saying we wish we were guests at our own wedding," Hyland joked, explaining that the celebration was truly wild.

And while they both have been "really busy" in the months since getting married, the experience and the new status quo in their life as been "just really fun."

"I actually had a doctor's appointment the other day, for a check-up, and it was the first time where I got to check the 'married' box on the forms," Hyland recalled with a smile. "I was like, 'Oh my god!' Because we've been engaged for three years before we got married. So, you know, you have the ring on your finger and you're like, 'I really wanna check that box!'"

"It's really great. We're feeling very good about everything," Hyland added. As for one of the biggest changes she's felt, Hyland explained, "For me, I was like, 'I feel like a grown-up now!'"

Adams is also set to guest star on an upcoming episode of Hyland's series, Play-Doh Squished. One of Hyland's former Modern Family co-stars, Adam Devine, will also be dropping by for a future episode, as will her former on-screen mom, Julie Bowen.

Speaking about why she was drawn to the show in the first place, Hyland said, "I love kids, I have a lot of nieces and nephews and Play-Doh is just so much fun. It's so nostalgic for me!"

"We have the most amazing kids on the show, and adults, and the challenges are like out of this world," Hyland gushed.

Play-Doh Squished debuts Nov. 11 on Amazon Freevee.