Sarah Jessica Parker Bids a Touching Farewell to First Season of 'And Just Like That'

The 'Sex and the City' reboot concluded its first season on Thursday.

Sarah Jessica Parker is celebrating a successful season of And Just Like That. The 56-year-old star of HBO Max's Sex and the City reboot took to Instagram on Thursday after the show's season 1 finale was released.

In the post, Parker shared pics from a pivotal moment in the season finale, where her character, Carrie Bradshaw, (spoiler alert!) scatters her late husband's (Chris Noth) ashes on the Paris bridge where they rekindled their love on SATC.

"From Manhattan, the Bronx and all the boroughs in between," Parker wrote. "To all those on the bridge that beautiful, long last night in Paris There were hundreds of hands involved in creating our first season of @justlikethatmax. I raise a glass and toast every single person who contributed their time, talent and devotion."

Parker also thanked the show's audience, "who welcomed us, spent time with us and for whom we toil, you are the reason we woke up everyday and went to work, trying our very best to offer a story and adventure."

"We thank you from the bottom of our hearts," she concluded. "The final episode of Season 1 is available to stream now on @hbomax. Cheers, à votre santé and a bounty of love and affection. 'Til we meet again."

Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, also commemorated the show's first season on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself and Parker embracing.

"As we are coming to the end of the season I'm missing everyone so much!" Davis wrote. "And I want to thank our truly amazing crew for getting us through it all! It was not easy to get the show finished during a pandemic and ready by Dec. 8th. So many people contributed to this labor of love, too many to list!"

"And our new cast members, stepping into our world with such grace. A million thanks and endless gratitude," she continued. "And to my loves @sarahjessicaparker And @cynthiaenixon thank you for being there, as always."

Cynthia Nixon, the last of the show's three leading ladies, marked the end of season 1 by sharing behind-the-scenes snaps with the cast and crew.

"#AndJustLikeThat... our season finale is here," Nixon, who stars as Miranda Hobbes, wrote. "To the cast and crew filled with friends old and new, I loved working with you. Seeing all of your hard work pay off in these episodes has been a delight."

"To the incredible writers' room (Julie Rottenberg, Elisa Zuritsky, Rachna Fruchbom, Keli Goff, Samantha Irby, and Michael Patrick King), I admire your grace, wit, humor and heart," she continued. "Thank you for bringing your talents and creating new adventures for these characters."

Nixon concluded her note by writing, "Last but not least, to our fans! Thank you for your support over two decades (!!) and reconnecting with us in And Just Like That. It felt so good to be back."

And Just Like That has yet to be renewed for a second season, and Nixon told ET that it's not her call if the show makes a return.

"Even though I’m an executive producer and I got to direct an episode, I am not a writer. And so, that is one of the great privileges of being a writer, that it’s not my job to figure it out, thank God," she said. "You know, it’s my job to say that doesn’t seem right for my character. But in terms of the amazing writers, we have [been] dreaming things up. They know much better than I do."

Meanwhile, Mario Cantone told ET that he's "of course" hoping to bring his character, Anthony Marentino, to life once more in a potential season 2.

"I love the changes," he said. "I just think [creator Michael Patrick King] did a brilliant job and selfishly, my stuff is glorious. It is never enough for me."

Likewise, Karen Pittman, who played a new character, Miranda's law professor turned friend, Dr. Nya Wallace, expressed her hopes for season 2 to ET.

"I would love to come back," she said. "I love all of the writers and creators and [had] a great time with the girls on [it] and I would love to expand even more... I would be so excited to keep extending the story, keep expanding the role, and continuing to work with those folks... I think all of them have more to say."

All episodes of And Just Like That are currently streaming on HBO Max.