Sarah Jessica Parker Dishes on Husband Matthew Broderick's Role on 'The Conners' (Exclusive)

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick only have eyes for each other. So much so, that Broderick didn't even tell his wife about his latest onscreen love interest! 

ET's Nischelle Turner sat down with Parker at the junket for her new movie, Here and Now, in New York City on Tuesday, where the actress confirmed that her husband was guest starring on The Conners -- but it was Turner who shared the details of his role. 

"He didn't tell me that part," Parker hilariously revealed of Broderick playing Laurie Metcalf's love interest on the comedy. "He told me he got to work with Laurie Metcalf. He loves Laurie Metcalf. We all love Laurie Metcalf. We've loved her for years, not that she's a hundred years old, but her entire career is something to admire." 

"But we don't talk about work much," she added. 

ET learned earlier this month that Broderick had scored a multi-episode guest arc on The Conners, making his first appearance on Tuesday's Halloween episode. But according to Parker, between their busy careers and raising three children -- they share 16-year-old son James and 9-year-old twin daughters Tabitha and Marion -- Broderick made sure his trip was a quick in and out. 

"How he told me is, 'I have to go to Los Angeles.' And in fact, the trip was so fast that my son, when he was back and when we were in the kitchen, my son was like, 'What are you talking about?' And my husband was like, 'I was in L.A. yesterday.' And my son was like, 'You were?' But my son is so busy," Parker recalled. "He was like, 'I told the girls.' But James wasn't home when he said yes and got on a plane."

Parker, meanwhile, is focused on her new role in Here and Now, which showcases her singing skills. While some fans might be hearing her voice for the first time, Parker says music has been a big part of her and her family's lives. 

"It is musical!" she said of her household. "You know, I sang as a younger person on Broadway, and my husband did, and does as well. And there is music, a huge amount, in our house. It's changing, the music that we're listening to, because our children aren't dictating that much more. And their tastes are different than ours. But its democratic in our house." 

"Music is a huge part of our house. And the children are playing musical instruments. We hear it a lot," she continued. "And it's nice background noise. It's nice to have that."

As for singing onscreen, Parker said that was a little more "intimidating." "Just because of the immediate experience she is having, that she is forced to deal with," she said of her character. "The singing, it was exciting. It was terrifying. But I loved the song that Rufus Wainwright wrote for us... [and] people were encouraging me." 

Here and Now, formerly titled Blue Night, is in theaters, On Demand and digital on Nov. 9. 


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