Sarah Jessica Parker Officially Nixes the Idea of 'Sex and the City 3' (Exclusive)

"I struggle with it," the actress admits, telling ET that she can't imagine the possibility of a revival at this point.

Sex and the City will live on in only our memories. 

Sarah Jessica Parker, who has long been a champion of continuing the franchise, has finally conceded that the possibility of a third film is not likely. As the actress hit the red carpet for Sunday's Golden Globes, ET's Nancy O'Dell asked whether there was "any chance" for Sex and the City 3

"I mean, not as far as I can imagine. Unless..." she began, before showing a change of heart. 

"I mean, no. No. I struggle with it because it's a bit sad, but I think one must keep these things in perspective," she said. "I have a lot of incredible memories, singular memories, that are shared among those four women, and I'm incredibly grateful for the experience. ... I forever love having had that time with those women." 

Parker's SATC co-star, Kim Cattrall, made headlines last year for saying that she would not be reprising her role of Samantha Jones. Meanwhile, Kristin Davis told ET, "I always have hope" for another installment of the series. 

Parker will be back on HBO for the second season of Divorce, beginning Sunday, Jan. 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

"We can expect a woman who's been liberated from a marriage," Parker teased, before switching gears to focus on the Time's Up initiative. 

"Speaking of liberation," she transitioned, "it's pretty nice to be among so many men and women tonight who are standing on solidarity, and it's extremely exciting to see this roll out happen with such vigor and enthusiasm and excitement and, I think, genuine optimism about what this endeavor promises. 

"It's very exciting," she continued. "It feels like real muscular commitment by people and I'm extremely optimistic." 

For more on the Time's Up movement, see below. 



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