Sarah Shahi Discovers the 'Impossible Becomes Possible' in 'Reverie' Series Premiere (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek from the sci-fi drama's first episode.

Would you go to great lengths to bring a loved one back from the dead?

NBC's summer sci-fi series, Reverie, explores that question. The story kicks off when ex-hostage negotiator and human behavior expert Mara Kint (Sarah Shahi), who becomes a professor after experiencing a personal tragedy, is recruited by her former boss, Charlie Ventana (Dennis Haysbert), to save ordinary people who have lost themselves in an advanced virtual reality program in which users can live out their wildest dreams.

ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek from the series premiere, airing Wednesday, in which Mara first learns about this secret, highly immersive program called Reverie.

"What's your all-time favorite memory? The most beautiful mind-blowing place you can remember?" Charlie asks, to which Mara shares a sweet family memory where she, her sister and her mother used to visit a place called Labyrinth of Light.

"What if you could revisit that moment any time you wanted?" Charlie proposes. "Reverie is a place where the impossible becomes possible. You're put inside a waking dream of your own design. You can go anywhere you want, change your appearance. You can even bring loved ones back from the dead."

That last sentence has Mara's full attention, her hopefulness and curiosity over how that's even possible through a virtual reality experience prompting her to ask, "How?"

As Charlie explains, there's something called a social media footprint that allows such possibilities to even be, well, possible. "That's like a field trip to heaven," Mara says, astonished. But with any stunning invention, there are underlying dangers to excessive use -- and that's where Mara comes in. Watch the exclusive clip above to see why Charlie is desperate for Mara's help.

Reverie premieres Wednesday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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