Sarah Silverman's Tongue-in-Cheek Political Campaign Ad Is Everything You Want It to Be (Exclusive)


The ‘I Love You, America’ host has some thoughts on a few things that would make America better.

Sarah Silverman has some ideas for how to make America great.

In Thursday’s new episode of her Hulu talk show, I Love You, America, Silverman debuts a tongue-in-cheek political campaign commercial as if she were running for office -- and only ET had the exclusive first look at the hilarious spoof.

What begins as a good-natured ad with Americans both young and old imbuing their vision of an ideal America (“quality education for all,” “livable wages and decent paying jobs,” “defending democracy and free speech”), Silverman has her own ideas on what she’d do to make everyday life just a tad bit better. 

“No party buses,” the 47-year-old host and comedian says with complete sincerity, before listing off a few more enticing promises: “All the Medieval Times and Renaissance fairs you want in… in Canada.” “Say no to destination weddings.” “Let’s bring an end to private party magicians and their billowy blouses.”

But Silverman leaves the best for last -- and everyone who’s ever sent or received an email can relate to this promise: “Don’t CC me… BCC me.” Watch the exclusive sneak peek below.

New episodes of I Love You, America premiere Thursday nights on Hulu.