'Saturday Night Live': 'Drunk' Tom Brady Celebrates Super Bowl Victory With Beer and Lombardi Trophy

Beck Bennett as Tom Brady on 'Saturday Night Live'

Beck Bennett played the famed quarterback on 'Saturday Night Live.'

The GOAT is still celebrating his big win. Super Bowl champ Tom Brady (played by Beck Bennett) joined Michael Che at the Weekend Update desk on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, and it was clear he was still in party mode.

Introduced as "Drunk Tom Brady," the Buccaneer came out chanting his own name, and slurred his way through his interview touting his impressive accomplishments.

"Seventh Super Bowl! What?! That's insane!" Bennett's Brady excitedly declared, before explaining that his new chipper, boisterous attitude stems from being in Tampa now.

"I'm in Florida, baby! Yeah! They got boats parades in the water and sunshine and girls wearing these little bikinis," he exclaimed. "I'm not stuck in the freezing cold in Boston with the pilgrims and old man Belichick."

"Life's good! I'm my own man now. I'm free go day drinking on my new boat and toss the Lombardi trophy around without a care in the world," he added, referring to how he actually threw his coveted prize to his teammate during a celebratory parade after his big win.

Brady said he's been bringing the trophy everywhere with him, and pulled it out onto the desk -- revealing that it had taking something of a beating over the past week.

"Yeah, she's a little banged up. But she still works," he said, as he used the edge of the trophy to crack open a beer. "People were surprised how I tossed this bad boy around, but the trophy has a football on it. And I'm a quarterback, so it made sense. What else was I going to do? Punt it?"

This is the second time in three weeks that SNL featured an impression of Brady, after John Krasinski portrayed the legendary quarterback during the cold open two weeks ago.

Check out the video below for a look at Krasinski's more subdued, pre-Super Bowl Brady.

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