'Saturday Night Live' John Krasinski and Pete Davidson Reenact Pam & Jim's 'Office' Kiss

Krasinski couldn't escape the legion of 'Office' fans during his 'SNL' monologue.

John Krasinski hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time over the weekend, and things got spicy. The actor took the stage for his debut monologue, and couldn't escape his devoted fans of The Office.

While addressing the audience, Alex Moffat interrupted the monologue with an important note: "You're the character Jim, from The Office."

"Well, no, I'm actually John, so hello," Krasinski responded with a smile.

"OK, follow-up question: Do The Office," Moffat added, to a baffled Krasinski.

After moving on, Krasinski was asked another question by Ego Nwodim, who told the actor he needed to stop working out and getting ripped (which Krasinski has been doing for his role in Jack Ryan), because, "Jim is soft... Jim sits all day. When you touch him your hand goes in like memory foam."

Krasinski decided to ignore her, and subsequently fielded a question from Kenan Thompson, who asked about where Pam is.

"I need you to kiss Pam. That is what I need to see today," Thompson stressed.

"Guys, here's the deal. Pam is not real. She's played by Jenna Fischer. We're friends and we are also married to other people," Krasinski explained, as Pete Davidson joined him on stage.

"I'm sorry about this," Davidson shared. "I think what's happening is everyone's been stuck inside for a year, so [they're] watching The Office nonstop. So Jim and Pam are real to them."

As for how to appease the demanding fans -- who were then convinced that Davidson was actually Pam -- the young comic suggested, "I think we've gotta give them what they want, Jim. You've got to kiss Pam."

With a shrug directly into the camera -- a la his character from the beloved sitcom -- Krasinski grabbed Davidson's face and planted a long, passionate and legitimately adorable kiss on the lips.

"That did feel really good," Krasinski shared, after the liplocking. "Thank you, Pam."

Saturday Night Live airs live coast-to-coast at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.