Savannah Guthrie Dishes on Her and Drew Barrymore's Matching Tattoos and If She Wants More (Exclusive)

Drew Barrymore and Savannah Guthrie
Udo Salters/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images/Raymond Hall/GC Images

The 'Today' co-host also revealed whether she'll get more tattoos down the road.

Savannah Guthrie says her matching friendship tattoo with Drew Barrymore was at least a year in the making. As to whether she'll get another one down the road, she says that's not likely to happen.

Speaking with ET at the Michael Kors Fashion Show in New York City, the Today co-host said the new ink is "so light and so thin," but, nonetheless, a tattoo she and Barrymore had been talking about getting for some time now.

"We did it like two weeks ago, but it's so light and so thin, but yeah we did it," Guthrie said. "We talked about it for a year and a half and then just finally decided to do it. So now I have a tattoo."

During the Jan. 31 episode of Today, Guthrie revealed the tattoo (so fresh, it was still covered with a bandage on her right forearm), which read, "all my love" in her father's handwriting. It's Guthrie's first tattoo ever, so the obvious question to a first-timer is, will she get another tat?

"I don't think so. I feel like I'm one and done," she said. "But I have heard that tattoos are addictive. I don't regret it. I'm so glad I did it. I really love it, but I think that's it for me."

Guthrie also revealed how her mom found out about the tattoo.

"My mom was shocked. She couldn't believe it and I forgot to tell her," Guthrie said. "She didn't even know I was thinking of it and then I showed it on the show and she sent me a text. She was like, 'Oh, get that recipe for me. OMG you got a tattoo!' She was, like, live watching the show and it all unfolded before her eyes."

Guthrie and Barrymore are executive producing the Netflix kids animated series, Princess Power. She recently spoke to ET and revealed the defining moment that changed the trajectory of her life.

"The one thing that comes immediately to mind is this moment," Barrymore said when asked about empowering female moments. 

The daytime TV host said it was Guthrie's two children's books, Princesses Wear Pants and Princesses Save the World, that inspired her to turn them into a show. 

"Together we got to go into this new world that I didn't know a thing about and so I feel like we're modeling the whole spirit of the show, which is girls working together, cooperating, and getting things done," Guthrie said.

"Yeah, and you do it together. I don't understand my or I, those are words that even that one letter, I feel very awkward about saying it because you don't do things in this world alone," Barrymore added. "Savannah wrote these incredible books, both New York Times bestsellers... and seeing that as we're reading the books to our kids... Her daughter inspired this and we're talking about doing a show of it and I was like, 'See, this is meant to be. People are having a connection with this type of story and if you just give a green light or some confidence or a you can do this or a symbol or a show or a character that makes you believe you can, it can change the trajectory of your life.'"