Watch Ashton Kutcher and Savannah Guthrie Chug Beer on Live TV

Chugging a beer before 9 a.m.? No problem for these two.

Savannah Guthrie didn't back down from Ashton Kutcher's challenge. On Friday's episode of the Today show, the 44-year-old actor stopped by to discuss running the New York City Marathon in support of his foundation, Thorn, and things quickly went off the rails.

Guthrie and Carson Daly tried to help Kutcher carb load ahead of Sunday's marathon by offering him a beer at 8:30 a.m., something he readily accepted. 

"People who win the marathon, they always chug beer," Guthrie joked to Kutcher as she accepted her own drink.

"Hold on, we've got to chug it?" Kutcher questioned. "I will chug it with you if you chug it. If you down the whole thing."

"Don't dare me," Guthrie said. "OK. Let's go. One, two, three. This is crazy."

The pair proceeded to down the entire drink, with Kutcher finishing just seconds before Guthrie.

"I went to college," Kutcher quipped.

"So did I," Guthrie said, before the reality of the situation started to hit her a little bit more.

"I might need to take the next few segments off," she said with a nervous laugh. "Ashton, thank you. Good luck. I feel terrible. Don't do that at home."

"Good morning!" Kutcher joked, before the segment came to an end.

Guthrie posted about the moment on Instagram, joking, "another ho hum Friday at the office."

"Chugging aside," Guthrie continued, "he is running to promote the excellent work of @thorn - worth supporting their amazing mission."

Kutcher's organization, which had nearly hit its $1 million marathon fundraising goal as of Friday afternoon, strives to eliminate child sexual abuse from the internet today.

Watch the video below for more on Kutcher.