'Scandal' Kills Off Major Character in Shocking Series Finale

This was one goodbye we didn't see coming.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Thursday's series finale of Scandal. For everyone else, grab your red wine and popcorn and put your white hats on. It's the end of a Scandal-filled era. To find out the meaning behind the final scene of the series finale, read our take here.

Rest in peace, David Rosen. 

We braced ourselves to say goodbye to Scandal as the ABC drama aired its series finale on Thursday night, but we weren't prepared to end the show without our beloved Attorney General.  

Last week's episode saw Olivia decide to come clean to the public with the shocking truth about B613 after failing to kill Cyrus and stop his plans of taking down Mellie. This week, it was our D.C. fixer and her old squad against the U.S. government -- and something had to give. This week, it was David Rosen. 

Before even half of the episode aired, Cyrus had killed Rosen in an effort to protect himself and his legacy. 

But David's death wasn't the only shocker Shonda Rhimes hit us with on Thursday night. Here's how we left Olivia Pope & Associates. 

David Rosen Died 


We were wondering how Cyrus would escape the truth-telling mission of Olivia and company, and it turns out, he's willing to do anything to protect himself. After Jake failed to intimidate David, Cyrus took matters into his own hands, killing him under the rouse of a confession. "I'm not a good person, but ... there is a reason for everything I do, and it may be sick... but it's always thought out, never executed out of spite," Cyrus said, handing David a drink. "I'm consistent. I do what needs to be done. I do what other people done. David Rosen, you are in my way. No hard feelings." 

With that, David fell to the ground, choking to death on the poison cocktail Cyrus gave him. 

Jake Gets Arrested 


Next came Rowan's testimony, where he told congress in an impassioned monologue that they were the ones responsible for B613 -- and that he was "responsible for the fact that this nation still stands." "Gentlemen, you need to give them someone. You need to give them Command. But that doesn't mean you need to give them me," he said, before Jake Ballard was arrested. 

"If i'd let you stay on the island.. if I never made you come back with me.. if I could have just let you go instead... who would you be now?" Olivia asked Jake, visiting him behind bars in an unexpected heart to heart. "I made you step out of the sun. Jake, I'm so sorry." 

"Prison's nothing. How's it go? Freedom is never lost. I am always free. They can't cage me," he replied. "Thank you for showing up for me."

Everyone Else Gets a Happy Ending 


The series ended with a happy ending montage scene, depicting Charlie getting out of jail and reuniting with Quinn and Robin, Cyrus signing his resignation, Fitz unveiling his official portrait at the National Gallery, Mellie signing a bill with Marcus by her side, Darby visiting David's grave, with Huck by her side, and Olivia on vacation with her dad. 

All's well that ends well, and oh yeah, looks like Olivia became President. Werk, girl!



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