'Scandal' Series Finale: The Meaning Behind the Final Scene

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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not proceed if you haven't watched Thursday's series finale of Scandal. To read our recap of what happened in the series finale, go here.

Uhhh... did Olivia Pope eventually become president? 

That's what it seemed like on Thursday's series finale of Scandal.

While we were devastated by David Rosen's death at the hands of Cyrus Beene early in the episode, titled "Off a Cliff," perhaps the biggest shocker came in the last moment of the show, when two young girls were shown walking through the National Gallery, adoringly gazing up at a striking portrait of none other than Olivia Pope. (Fun fact: Scandal bossShonda Rhimes' daughter, Harper, was the young girl left looking up at the portrait!)

Here's the thing: Only presidents and first ladies are depicted in the gallery -- and assuming Olivia and Fitz ended up together for a life full of jam-making in Vermont (why would they not, Shonda?) -- that means Olivia became president down the line.

The scene definitely caught us off guard, especially considering Olivia basically committed political suicide by deciding to out B613 this season. 

Ain't no thang in Shondaland, as the super-producer chose to have the D.C. fixer end up on top. 

Were you "happy and satisfied" with the series finale of Scandal? See what Kerry Washington told ET about the episode in the video below. 


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