Scott Disick and Holly Scarfone Are 'Casual': Inside Their Trip to Paris

The businessman and the 'Too Hot to Handle' star have been 'hooking up,' a source tells ET.

Scott Disick has a new woman in his life. A source tells ET that the 38-year-old businessman "has been hooking up with Holly Scarfone," a 23-year-old model who appeared on Too Hot to Handle.

In fact, the pair spent time together in the City of Light, according to ET's source.

"Holly had plans to go to Paris and she postponed her trip so she could have more time with Scott in L.A.," the source said. "She left later than she originally planned and then Scott decided to join her there."

"They have been in Paris together and have been having a lot of fun," the source continued. "They have been all over each other."

The source added that "things between them are casual right now," but noted that Scarfone "has made Scott a priority and she isn't seeing anyone else at the moment."

Scarfone fueled dating speculation between the pair earlier this week, when she gave Disick a photo credit on a lingerie shot on Instagram.

"Lounging in the city of amour," she captioned the pic.

Disick's latest romance comes after he and Amelia Gray Hamlin called it quits in September. The month after his and Hamlin's breakup, Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian, got engaged to Travis Barker.

"He hasn't entirely come to terms with Kourtney and Travis' relationship, but he has definitely warmed up to accepting the fact that Kourtney is marrying Travis," a source told ET earlier this month. "There are moments of jealousy and animosity, but at the end of the day, he wants her to be happy."

That source added that Disick is "healthier than he's ever been," and is focused on his and Kardashian's three kids, Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Reign, 7

The source additionally stated that "Scott and Kourtney's co-parenting routine is very well-balanced and things have been cordial between them."

More recently, a source weighed in on how much love Disick still has for his ex. While the source said Disick "isn't ever going to be OK with" Kardashian and Barker as a couple, "he is being mature."

"He will always love Kourtney and probably will never completely move on, but he’s being chill," the source continued. "Kourtney and him are getting along and they speak all the time. He just tells her that as long as Travis is good to their kids and treats her well, that’s what's most important. Scott is hilarious too, and makes jokes about it sometimes, but it’s all good. He is a tad jealous, but respectful of Travis. 

As for his own love life, "Scott isn’t serious with anyone, but hooks up a lot and dates," the source said. "He kind of thinks he won't love anyone as much as Kourtney, so it's never really that serious to him. His heart is with her, truly."