Sean Garinger, '16 and Pregnant' Alum, Dead at 20

Sean Garinger is the father of both of Selena Gutierrez's children.

A member of the 16 and Pregnant family has died. Sean Garinger, the father of Selena Gutierrez's two children, died on Feb. 28 at his home in Boone, North Carolina, his mother confirmed. He was 20. 

Sean's mother, Mary Hobbs, shared the news with The U.S. Sun

"I was with him when it happened. He was just moving [the ATV] from one parking spot to the next for me, so I could back into park," Mary said. "He pulled [in] front of me to park the ATV and the ground gave way from all the rain and mud."

Garinger's mom went on to say that the ATV flipped and "crushed" his skull.

"I ran to neighbors trying to get someone to help me get the ATV off of him. No one answered. I ran back to him," she recalled. "By that time, I realized he wasn't alive anymore. I just laid next to him until the ambulance showed up."


The devastated mother continued, "There was a huge part of my heart that died with my son on Wednesday. He was my only son, my rock, my strength when I had none left. Sean brightened my world in a way no one else could ever come close to."

The Watauga County Sheriff's Office confirmed to the Watauga Democrat that a person died after an ATV accident on Feb. 28. The sheriff's office identified that person as Garinger. 


Sean appeared on MTV's 16 and Pregnant in 2021 as the father of Selena's daughter, Dareli, who was born in October 2020. The on-off couple also welcomed daughter Esmi in June 2022. Selena is living in Colorado, and the couple had a long-distance relationship for several years. Selena claimed that Sean cheated on her while she was pregnant with Dareli, leading to a split. The two also had multiple disputes with family throughout their time on TV. 


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