Sean Kanan, Melody Thomas Scott on Their 'Bold & the Beautiful,' 'Young & the Restless' Crossover (Exclusive)

Melody Thomas Scott's episodes of 'The Bold and the Beautiful' begin airing Sept. 26 on CBS.

It's a crossover made in soap opera heaven! ET's Matt Cohen spoke with Sean Kanan and Melody Thomas Scott about their The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless crossover episodes and their on-screen romance.

"It's so great to cross over," Kanan, who is returning to the soap as Deacon, after a 10-year hiatus, gushed. "What's amazing is you can go from Los Angeles to General City just by walking across the hallway."

"It's great to go over and see some of the actors there that I’ve worked with for a couple years," he added of his return, "and, you know, working with Melody is amazing. She's daytime royalty."

While the pair had a short-lived on-screen marriage, Kanan called it a "passionate one" that he tries to revive during his return to B&B, telling ET that he and Scott, who plays Nikki, rehearsed for a while to come up with a few "twists and turns" to put some "spice" into the highly anticipated crossover.

"It looks like that I’m just there to give some information about a murder that happened about 10 years ago, but I think once Nikki and Deacon are face to face, in a hotel room no less, there’s definitely an undercurrent. These two once had a very hot and heavy thing going on," Kanan said of their reunion.

"She really is not a huge fan of Deacon at this point in time," he added, "although I do my best to try and change that during the scenes."

The episodes will mark Scott's first crossover appearance on B&B. And while almost all of her colleagues have made the move, Scott said her time has finally come. 

"Everybody and their brother has crossed over to B&B on Y&R except me, so, my time has come." Scott shared.

As for why she's in B&B territory, Scott tells ET that Nikki is in town to get some info on someone who is causing "havoc" in General City.

"Well, Nikki is here to try to get some information on Diane Jenkins, who has been causing a bit of havoc over in General City, but also she is there to get a beautiful custom-made dress for her granddaughter, Summer, for her vow renewal," Scott explained. "So, that’s kind of her cover story, but that does actually happen -- the real thing is get dirt on Diane."

While Scott wouldn't reveal how much drama she stirs up in the crossover episodes, she did say that she had a great time sharing the screen with Kanan again.

"It's wonderful, because we shared the greatest chemistry and we just had such a good time -- oh gosh, how many years ago was it? I don't know, but it seemed just like yesterday now, and being with him again, it's all the same old magic," she shared.

And when it comes to the tricks Deacon has up his sleeve, Scott said Mr. Charm is "trying," despite Nikki's clear disdain for him.

"I think Deacon, you know, charmer that he is, I think even though it's under weird circumstances, and he knows that Nikki hates him now, he's still trying," Scott revealed.

See Nikki and Deacon reunite when Scott's episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful begin airing Sept. 26 on CBS.