See Barbie's First Doll With Down Syndrome

See Barbie's First Doll With Down Syndrome
ABC/Paula Lobo

Mattel partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society for the latest addition to their Barbie Fashionista line.

Another Barbie has joined the party!

On Tuesday, Good Morning America shared an exclusive first look at Barbie's first doll with Down syndrome. Partnering with the National Down Syndrome Society, Mattel introduced the doll as the latest addition to their Barbie Fashionista line.

Kayla McKeon, a spokesperson for NDSS was on hand for the reveal Tuesday, where she shared that Barbie approached her to help design the doll.

"'Wow, Barbie approached us? How incredible,' especially on their part, to make a doll that is so unique, and showing a person with Down syndrome," McKeon said.

Describing the doll's features, NDSS president Kandi Pickard shared the details that went into creating the one-of-a-kind Barbie, while McKeon highlighted the special accessories that set her apart, like her three-arrowed pink necklace.

"Those three arrows that are pointing upward, that is what makes up Down syndrome, the three copies of the 21st chromosome. And those three arrows are a symbol of Down syndrome," McKeon explained. "Which is a lucky few. And that is what unites the community together."

As for how it feels to see this kind of representation, McKeon added, "Having a Barbie doll with Down syndrome is pivotal with representation today."

Noting her own accomplishments, McKeon said the doll shows how multi-faceted a woman with Down syndrome can be.

"It showcases the ability of women with Down syndrome. Not just being a registered lobbyist, but a woman who is rocking a yellow-and-blue dress," she continued. "She's definitely a fashionista." 

ABC/Paula Lobo

Adding the doll is sure to be a best seller, McKeon said she "cannot wait" to see her friends and peers "have a doll that looks just like me."

Pickard, meanwhile, was happy to see Mattel answer the NDSS' call for a Barbie with Down syndrome, something she said the community has been requesting for a while now.

"I have to say that the Down syndrome community has been asking for a Barbie with Down syndrome, and Mattel listened, and we feel represented in our community," Pickard shared. "I think that this doll, whether you have Down syndrome, you know somebody with Down syndrome, or if it's the first time you've heard of Down syndrome -- this Barbie's for you."

Mattel's latest addition joins a host of inclusive Barbie's unveiled over the years, including dolls with various disabilities, skin conditions and body types.