Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone Reunite and Do 'Crazy Hat' Song From 'Wizards of Waverly Place'

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Wizards of Waverly Place fans, this one's for you! Selena Gomez and her Wizards of Waverly Place co-star, Jennifer Stone, teamed up Saturday night for a reunion that was too good to miss. The pair took to TikTok for an impromptu performance of their signature song, "Crazy Hat" song from the long-running Disney show.

In the cute clip, Gomez and Stone doled out some "Crazy, Funky, Junky Hat" dance moves while mouthing the words to the catchy track.

"What's that? A hat? Crazy, funky, junky hat," the actresses lip synched. "Overslept, hair unsightly. Trying to look like Keira Knightley. We've been there, we've done that. We see right through your funky hat."

The former co-stars couldn't help but crack up while doing the dance, each with a drink in their hand -- Gomez, who wore grey sweats, had a White Claw seltzer in hand, while Stone, rocked a band t-shirt and jeans, while holding a glass of red wine.

"We had to..." the Rare Beauty founder wrote over the video.

Gomez and Stone, who played best friends Alex Russo and Harper Finkle on the teen series, originally performed the song after seeing person wearing a peculiar hat in the fourth episode of Wizards of Waverly Place's first season, which aired back in November 2007.

Gomez is no stranger to reuniting with her former co-stars. In 2020, Gomez and David Henrie teased a potential show reunion while virtually promoting Henri's directorial debut, This Is the Year.

The video, posted in Aug. 2020, shows him and Gomez standing on opposite sides of a wall. 

"Hmm," Henrie says in the clip, before panning the camera over to show Gomez, playfully tapping her lips in contemplation. Gomez reposted the video on her Instagram Story, and so did her fellow Wizards co-star Gregg Sulkin. 

Gomez has stayed especially close with Henrie since the Disney Channel show aired its series finale in 2012. Henrie helped Gomez set up her Instagram account years ago, and her very first Instagram Story in 2017 featured her and Henrie speculating on what their characters would be up to now. 

"You have kids. Alex is for sure single," Gomez said at the time. 

"Yeah, Justin has, like, 15 children," Henrie agreed. "Alex is single; she's still trying to find herself. She's now, like, 25, and she's trying to figure things out."

"[Jake T. Austin's] Max is lucky if he's even found himself. Like, he's literally lost," Henrie continued, while Gomez laughed. "He now just makes sandwiches on the street."

See more on the cast's reunion in the video below.


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