Selena Gomez Jokes She and Bill Murray Are 'Getting Married' After Viral Cannes Film Festival Photos

Selena Gomez and Bill Murray attend the opening ceremony and screening of "The Dead Don't Die" during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival
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The unlikely duo made waves on the red carpet!

Selena Gomez is joking about a new man in her life!

The 26-year-old entertainer took to Instagram on Thursday to gush over her time at the Cannes Film Festival, which she attended for the first time to promote her new film, The Dead Don't Die. The film also stars Bill Murray and the unlikely duo have already made headlines for their cute shots on the red carpet ahead of their movie's premiere.

In the post, Gomez shared solo pics as well as photos with the whole cast, but the viral shot of her making Murray laugh on the carpet is what stole the show. The "Back to Me" singer also included a candid pic of her and Murray looking at each other and laughing inside an event.

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"My first time in Cannes! I’m so honored to have been a part of this movie with [writer/director] Jim [Jarmusch] and the whole cast," she gushed, before quipping about Murray himself. 

"By the way Bill Murray and I are getting married," she wrote.

A shot that Gomez didn't include in her post, but that immediately attracted social media attention, was one of her standing and looking stunning on the carpet, while Murray whispers something in her ear.

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The duo's film, The Dead Don't Die, is star-studded and includes performances by Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, Sara Driver, RZA, Carol Kane, Austin Butler, Luka Sabbat and Tom Waits. The horror-comedy film revolves around a group of police officers -- including Murray, Driver and Sevigny -- who fight a zombie takeover happening in their small town.

At a recent press conference for the flick, Gomez discussed the dangers of social media following her self-imposed, three-month-long social media break last September.

"I think our world is going through a lot. I would say, for my generation, specifically, social media has really been terrible," she said. "It does scare me when you see how exposed these young boys and young girls are and they're not really aware of the news or anything going on. I think it’s dangerous for sure. I don’t think people are getting the right information sometimes."

"I think it’s pretty impossible to make it safe at this point," she continued. "I’m grateful I have the platform. I don’t do a lot of pointless pictures. For me, I like to be intentional with it. It just scares me. I’ll see these young girls at meet and greets. They are devastated, dealing with bullying and not being able to have their own voice. It can be great in moments. I would be careful and allow yourself some time limits of when you should use it."

Last week, a source told ET that Gomez is currently "happy, healthy and doing great."

"She’s happy to just be with friends," the source said. "Selena loves what she does and she loves her fans, but she doesn’t like the pressure and expectations of being under a microscope."