'Selena: The Series': New Trailer Gives First Look at Jesse Posey’s Chris Perez

We finally get a good look at Jesse Posey as a pony-tailed Chris Perez in 'Selena: The Series.'

Icons only need one name. And so it’s fitting that the name “Selena” is the first thing we hear in the trailer for the upcoming Netflix series about the Queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla

After weeks of giving fans stills from the highly anticipated show on social media -- including some ace '80s family pics -- we’re finally getting a chance to see what Christian Serratos’ take on the Texan native looks like in motion. And yes, for those wondering, we finally get a good look at Jesse Posey as a pony-tailed Chris Perez. The bad boy guitarist is introduced exactly as you’d expect, with a knowing smirk between the two young lovers, while Selena is warned that she's not to like him: "Dad would freak out."

Opening with images of the artist backstage, nervously waiting to go on and greet her adoring fans, the trailer takes us back to Selena's childhood. Giving us a taste of what we can expect from the show, we see a young Selena (played by Madison Taylor Baez) singing to herself and impressing her dad, Abraham (Ricardo Chavira), who takes it upon himself to teach her how to tap into a song’s core message.

"It's about love," he instructs her. "How you had it and then you lost it." 

"It feels like there's a fist around your heart," her mother adds.

Another impressive part of the trailer? The sheer number of Selena outfits (and hairstyles!) we see Serratos sporting. From ruffled '80s dresses and bedazzled leather jackets to cowhide ensembles and leopard-printed bustiers, it’s clear the show is committed to bringing the performance designs that were so integral to the singer’s persona as her signature smile.

Selena: The Series, of course, will give fans an extended origin story for the beloved singer. And while many of the scenes will look familiar to anyone who loves the "Como la flor" singer (or who's been obsessed with Gregory Nava's 1997 biopic starring Jennifer Lopez), the trailer also suggests we're getting more of her family. More of “los Dinos,” especially her relationship with her brother, A.B., and her sister, Suzette.

"There's no Beatles without Ringo. And there's no Dinos without Suzette," Selena says at one point to her teary-eyed sister (played by Noemi Gonzalez).

Above all, Selena: The Series looks like it’s going to lean heavily on the Quintanilla family. At one point, even when she’s toasted, Selena is quick to add: “and los Dinos!” -- a reminder that much of what she accomplished was shared by those closest to her.

“When I think about being on stage, with you on bass and Suzette on the drums,” she tells A.B. (Gabriel Chavarria), “nothing else matters.”

Glitzy and period-appropriate as they come, this tale of the Quintanilla family is set to introduce the late Latina superstar to a whole new generation of fans who will forever know her simply as “Selena.”

Watch the full trailer below.

Selena: The Series drops on Netflix Dec. 4.


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