'Selling Sunset': Mary Fitzgerald on Trust Issues With Husband Romain Bonnet (Exclusive)

The pair hit a few bumps in the road after tying the knot -- but are seemingly happier than ever.

The honeymoon period seemingly didn't last long for Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet.

Season three of Selling Sunset debuted on Netflix on Friday, picking up right where fans left off -- in the wake of Mary's wedding to Romain. Despite the Devina drama, the couple's wedding was a fairytale. Afterwards, however, their relationship hit a few bumps in the road, as they battled trust issues, the pressures of buying a house and deciding if they want to have children. 

So, has the road smoothed out a little? According to Mary, it has. "I mean, I obviously trust him. He's the most trustworthy person," she tells ET's Brice Sander of her husband. "He's beyond trustworthy." 

In Mary's eyes, her and Romain's issues stemmed from a combination of Jason and Brett Opphenheim's actions and Romain not wanting to worry her or add more to her plate. Romain had promised Mary that he wouldn't bring women back to the suite during his Las Vegas Bachelor party. He did not, but Jason and Brett did -- and Romain failed to tell Mary about it. 

"I knew it wasn't his fault," Mary says. "I was like, 'Tell me the truth. I will not like it, but I will respect you for telling me, because I know in the future if something happens that's out of your control, I'll know about it. You'll man up and you'll tell me.' So, and he understands that now." 

"He feels really bad and I don't think he would ever cheat," she continues. "He's not the kind of guy that would do that. He would just be like, 'Screw you, I'm done,' and then leave." 

Fans have seemingly been through it all with Mary and Romain over the course of Selling Sunset's three seasons. The pair's engagement was featured in season one, which debuted last year. 

Romain, 27, came from his native France to America as a Pastry chef, and Mary, 40, was introduced to him through his boss. "Here you don't get paid hardly anything," Mary notes of Romain's culinary past, explaining that he's since started working with the Oppenheims as a project manager. 

"He worked his way up through Jason very fast," she shares. "And now he's with another company doing a bunch of our listings, all the remodels and new construction. And if we need any jobs done prior to listing a home, to get it up and looking perfect, we call on him." 

Romain is also working on getting his license as a general contractor. "So we're gonna start flipping homes pretty soon," Mary reveals. However, the couple is still on the search for their dream home. "We're still looking and thinking about what exactly we'll want. And honestly, I have been so busy. I don't have time to do it." 

Mary has also been so busy with work that she hasn't had time to freeze her eggs, she says -- but she has plans to after discussing it with Romain. 

"We went to a fertility clinic. I got everything checked, and we filmed actually me doing all of that, it just didn't make it on the show," Mary reveals. "I'm good to go, I just haven't done the process yet, which I keep kicking myself for, because now I'm 40 and they said, 'Don't go beyond 40.'  But again, I haven't had time. So I'm working on that." 

"And Romain has to go in, and he's just as busy as I am. So, we know we have to, but right now, if we can't even go in to freeze eggs, should we really be bringing a kid into this world? I mean, we need to slow down and then decide when is the right time," she adds. "But I'm going to make a point to freeze the eggs soon, embryos actually." 

One thing Mary and Romain have checked off their to-do list is upgrading her engagement ring. The star says she's now sporting a diamond after Romain proposed with a moissanite ring. Though Romain promised to swap out her ring as soon as he could, the original ring was much-talked about on season one of the show. 

"[He upgraded the ring] a couple months after season one stopped filming, actually," Mary says. "It's a two and a half carat... I guess it's almost three carats with all the things around it." 

"It's not on Heather [Rae Young] or Christine [Quinn's] level," she laughs. "But you know, I'm happy with it. I love it." 

All three seasons of Selling Sunset are now streaming on Netflix. See more in the video below. 


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