'Selling Tampa' Cast Answers Burning Season 1 Questions: Did Rena Start a Brokerage? Is Alexis Back at Allure?

The ladies of Allure Realty break down what's gone down since cameras went down on 'Selling Tampa' season 1.

Spoilers ahead! If you have not finished binging all of Netflix's Selling Tampa season 1, bookmark this for later or proceed with caution.

Selling Tampa certainly understood the assignment. Selling Sunset's east coast spinoff doesn't live in its sister show's shadow; instead, the ladies of Allure Realty carve out a space in the binge-able TV universe for themselves with a breakout debut season that is sure to leave viewers with a few questions. Well, ET is here to (hopefully) answer those queries... or at least fill in a gap or two. Read on to see how the cast -- Sharelle Rosado, Alexis Williams, Juawana Colbert-Williams, Tennille Moore, Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, Rena Frazier, Karla Giogrio and Colony Reeves -- feel about the season that was... and what's happened since cameras went down. 

How Does Juawana Really Feel About Being Labeled "HR?"

"Honestly, it's funny, because I'm really not HR," Juawanna tells ET. "That's kind of a nickname that they decided that they were going to give me for whatever reason and I'm going to live up to it. But it's just the way the office is set up, and how the relationship that Sharelle and I have in terms of my role, and it's just kind of developed into probably a little bit more. And I think some of the ladies may feel a type of way about it."

Season 1 ended with Sharelle deputizing Juawanna as her official No. 2 at the brokerage, as she geared up for maternity leave (and a potential relocation south to Miami), despite Colony shooting her shot to be Sharelle's second in command.

"Even though Sharelle didn't choose me, I think she'll soon see that she made the wrong decision," Colony cracks. "So she's probably going to be regretting her decision very soon."

Has Rena left Allure to start her own brokerage?


The season 1 finale left viewers with a bit of a cliffhanger, as Rena seemingly signed a lease on her own real estate office. However, Rena plays coy when pressed on her own brokerage plans (she's still listed as a member of Allure's team, now billed as a "broker associate").

"Who knows what's going to happen? Who knows? You're going to have to stay tuned," she teases, joking she looked like she could "take over the world" in the giant, leather chair she sat in at what could be her new offices. For what it's worth, Rena still takes issue with Sharelle's shifting commission splits (without warning), the main impetus for her urge to strike out on her own.

"The ideal commission split would be one that I set up front with my agents and that we maintain throughout the business," she shares. "So I think that's the important thing for me is that I have this agreement with my agents and that they can rely on me to keep that, that agreement, unless I come and talk to them. And there's a reason, like if it's based on their performance or something."

Season 1 also ended with Anne-Sophie deciding to get her broker's license, as well, something she tells ET she is "actively working on." She's still very much open to opportunities outside of Allure. As fans saw, Anne-Sophie was potentially on board with joining Rena's solo effort.

"Listen, I'm a open-minded woman, OK?" she quips. "So as far as where I'm going, I mean, just got to stay tuned because I change like the wind-- I'm just kidding."

Anne-Sophie's willingness to jump ship rocked the boat with Colony, her fellow "niece"/office BFF who prioritizes her loyalty to Sharelle. This led to an unexpected rift for the pair, who have continued to work on their relationship since talking things through at Colony's 30th birthday party.

"I hated it," Colony confesses of the mini falling out. "I don't like fighting with Anne. Anne is my girl, but you know, I had to let her know, girl that wasn't cool. So, but I'm glad we resolved it."

"I'm glad we resolved it," Anne-Sophie jumps in to concur. "There's still a difference in opinion, OK? But we resolved it."

"We agreed to disagree," Colony adds. "And I think friends can do that. I think that's a real friendship. We're not going to agree on everything, so it works."

"I think what's important is that we respect each other's decisions," Anne-Sophie says. "And that's just that."

Is Alexis back as a Realtor at Allure?


The big bomb dropped in the season 1 finale came courtesy of Sharelle, who parted ways with Alexis after a series of disappointing sales efforts. While Alexis was in the Allure offices for her ET interview alongside Sharelle, Juawana and Tennille, it seems she has yet to prove herself enough to come back as an employee.

"It's definitely still family," Alexis says of Allure. "They're always going to be a big part of my heart. A big part of who I am today. I definitely would like to come back, but we'll just have to see what happens."

"Alexis knows -- well, all the ladies know -- I don't sugarcoat anything," Sharelle adds. "If they're not performing, and they're not meeting the Allure standards, then you have to go. You get cut. I love you from afar. I just have to take my hands off of you until you can come back. If you are willing to show that you can change and produce, then I'll think about bringing you back."

Throughout season 1, Sharelle kept a close eye on Alexis' bestie, Karla, who tells ET seeing her officemate be shown the door kicked her into gear.

"I felt bad. I wish I could do something for her," Karla admits. "[But] I went head first [into my own work]. I was like, you know what? This is my chance. This is my warning to knock it up a bunch, so that's what I did."

Did Tennille ever sell Ben a house?

One of Alexis' final straws at Allure was a disastrous showing she took over for Tennille with a high-profile client named Ben. Alexis made up facts on the spot at the tour, confusing the businessman and leaving Allure looking like its agents don't know what they're talking about. Tennille says she never wound up selling Ben a house. 

"No, I didn't sell Ben a house," she laments, "but we're still working together on many investment properties."

The incident led into a heated moment between Tennille and Alexis in Miami, with Alexis calling out Tennille for "throwing me under the bus all the time." Tennille told Alexis, "Don't check me, 'cause you can't check me," leading to a back and forth and the b-word flying out of Alexis' mouth. That term proved to be a trigger for Tennille, who seemed one bad decision away from launching across the table to get physical with Alexis.

"What held me back is that, I still have love for Alexis," Tennille explains. "I don't want to get into a physical altercation with her because that's how she expresses herself. And so, with me being a little older than her, I just know how to compose myself a little. Like, I don't want to get into a situation that I can't come back from, but it could have easily went there."

"She had to think about her job at Allure," Sharelle tacks on. She actually jumped in, in the moment, to shut down the could-be altercation. 

Did Sharelle leave Tampa for Miami? 


About halfway through season 1, Sharelle found out she was pregnant with her third child, which will be her first with boyfriend Chad Johnson. The former NFL star lives in Miami, creating a bit of a dilemma for the entrepreneur: Would she give up what she established for herself in Tampa and relocate for love? Kind of. Sharelle is now splitting her time between Florida's coasts, and recently opened her Miami offices (after exploring the market for a client in season 1). 

"I'm a businesswoman," Sharelle declares. "When I was in the military, we relocate, but we still have our main place of duty. Allure Realty is my main place of duty. This is my baby. So, I just know how to multitask. That's why you delegate. Delegation is the key."

And with Juawana jumping at those delegations, this all sounds like the perfect set-up for season 2...

All episodes of Selling Tampa season 1 are now streaming on Netflix.