Selma Blair Chronicles Multiple Sclerosis Battle in Trailer for 'Introducing, Selma Blair' Doc

The actress was first diagnosed with MS in 2018.

Selma Blair is chronicling her battle with Multiple Sclerosis in the deeply intimate and personal documentary, Introducing, Selma Blair. On Thursday, Discovery+ shared the first, very emotional trailer for the film, which opens with the 49-year-old actress candidly saying, "I always thought I was on a reality show. Like, I was in a documentary but only God would see it, and disapprove."

Directed by Rachel Fleit, the film is described as "one woman’s journey of personal acceptance and resilience, which follows the singular actress as she reckons with the next chapter of her life after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis." The documentary will explore issues affecting Blair’s life and career, from ideas about beauty to fears over disability and mortality, after first being diagnosed in 2018.

According to the Mayo Clinic, multiple sclerosis is "a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system)."

The first look at the film comes just a day after friend and former The Sweetest Thing co-star, Christina Applegate, revealed her own Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Following the revelation, Blair responded on Twitter by writing, "Loving you always. Always here. As are our kids. Beating us up with love."

After first premiering at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival, Introducing, Selma Blair will open in select theaters on Friday, Oct. 15 via Strand Releasing before launching on Discovery+ on Oct. 21.