Selma Blair Offers Advice on Receiving Scary Medical News Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Selma Blair backstage during the TIME 100 Health Summit
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for TIME 100 Health Summit

The actress opened up to Miley Cyrus during a new episode of the singer's Instagram Live show, 'Bright Minded.'

For Selma Blair, having to stay in self-quarantine due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak hasn't been a dramatic change for the actress, who says she's been essentially self-isolating for months amid her various medical treatments in her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Blair joined Miley Cyrus for a new episode of the pop star's daily Instagram show, Bright Minded, and she reflected on how she's been coping with social isolation for months, and understands how people are feeling during these scary times.

"I have been pretty much in isolation for two years because of my physical issues that make it harder to get out, harder to speak, all of these things," Blair said, adding that she sees how many people are on the "same kind of daily trajectory" as she is.

Although Blair feels that isolating oneself, and thus changing your routines and behaviors, can open people up to new perspectives, she shared advice on how to deal with fear in the face of a possible medical illness.

"This is an incredible time for me, ‘cause I’m home, and to have my son home and to be able to have people understand .. there’s just nothing that gets me mad for long anymore, and it hasn’t for a couple years," Blair shared, adding that she hopes others might be able to "find the real gift" in changing things up.

Cyrus brought up the fact that many watching their interview may be dealing with coronavirus or may catch coronavirus in the near future, and asked what advice she has for others when it comes to "receiving medical news that can immediately feel terrifying."

"This moment is what we have, [even when] we hope for more," Blair said, suggesting people facing a frightening medical diagnosis should try to "be open, but also really take this opportunity to be the best you you can be, to help your days along." 

With the nation largely on lockdown due to the virus, Blair has been able to spend even more time with her 8-year-old son, Arthur. The actress gleefully said the two of them are just enjoying the time they have together.

"Unlike most of the other moms, I don’t keep a schedule right now with my kid," she said, referring to the many parents who have been thrust into the unexpected situation of having to serve as their kids' teachers as well as parents as schools across the country have shut their doors to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

"This is Woodstock, enjoy it," she added. "He’s on break right now too, so kind of anything goes."

Blair was first diagnosed with MS in October 2018, and has since undergone several different treatments and therapy procedures in her efforts to keep her condition under control. Check out the video below to hear more from the actress about her how she's stayed strong during her battle.