Serena Williams on Life After Stepping Away From Tennis, Having Fun With New Super Bowl Commercial (Exclusive)

The tennis icon opened up to ET about how she's mostly tried to avoid watching tennis since her departure from the spot.

Staying busy and keeping focused! Since stepping back from playing tennis last year, Serena Williams has been throwing herself into other exciting projects -- and actively not watching matches she's not partaking in.

Speaking with ET's Kevin Frazier while promoting her big Michelob Ultra Super Bowl LVII commercial, Williams admitted she hasn't been keeping up on the world of tennis since her exit from the sport.

"I haven't actually been watching because I'm not sure how I'm going to feel," Williams shared. "This is the first grand slam that I've purposely not [played] in... I don't really want to watch cause I'm trying to not get the bug. So I haven't watched too much."

For some fans, hopes of a possible return were sparked last week when Williams took to Instagram to share a video of herself in a neon tennis ball green hoodie, in which she slams herself onto a table and instantly turns into a hand full of tennis balls.

"It was my mood," Williams said, explaining the post. "It's like, I definitely love tennis and I love practicing and I love training when I can, but I'm trying not to get this bug. I'm trying to just have fun and enjoy doing Super Bowl ads and stuff like that."

"Literally my entire life I've played tennis, and that's a very long time," she added. "So this is the first time I'm actually not doing that."

That being said, Williams is putting a lot of energy into her forthcoming ad with Michelob Ultra -- after last year's ad, which paid homage to The Big Lebowski.

"What I love is they really believe in gender equality and gender equity," Williams said of why she's enjoyed partnering with Michelob. "So what's really cool about this Super Bowl ad is that, once again, just like the one last year ... this year we have the same number of female athletes as male athletes... [and] Michelob Ultra is really all about joy."

Williams' ad this year -- which pays tribute to the iconic gold comedy Caddy Shack -- is set to air during Super Bowl LVII, which kicks off on Sunday, Feb. 12.