2022 Super Bowl Commercials: Kanye West, Ewan McGregor, Lindsay Lohan & More Celebs Star in the Big Game Spots

See all the star-studded, wildly expensive ads airing during this year's face-off between the Rams and the Bengals.

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without some must-see, star-studded commercials! Every year, families gather around the television on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the fun and exciting TV spots -- and also a football game.

The nation's biggest companies shell out millions to craft hilarious, clever, touching and downright wild ads for the annual sporting event. Designed to make viewers laugh, cry or bond with one another, advertisers spare no expense to capture people's hearts and minds.

As the popularity of the ads have grown over the years, the commercials don't just debut during the big game, either! Companies release teasers for the commercials, as well as viral and social media campaigns that hype up expectations, which drop long before kickoff ever comes.

So, as the Los Angeles Rams face off against the Cincinnati Bengals, we're rounding up all the Super Bowl LVI commercials as they are released, and air, in real time! Enjoy!

McDonalds: Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kanye made a surprise appearance on Sunday when he dropped in for a cameo in McDonald's big game ad. In the commercial, Kanye is one of many customers who get to the order box and suddenly can't decide what they want. Although Kanye's the only one driving a giant, post-apocalyptic Sherp ATV

Amazon: "Mind Reader"

Real-life married couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost welcomed fans into their home (sort of) with this ad for Amazon Alexa, which is supposedly so good at knowing what people want, it can read their minds (and make things humorously awkward).

Lay’s: "Golden Memories"

Starring tuxedo-clad pals Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, this ad for Lay's gives us a look at how memories are made, and made better with potato chips.

Nissan: "Thrill Driver"

This star-stuffed ad for Nissan brings together Eugene Levy, Brie Larson, Dave Bautista and more to do the seemingly impossible: Make Eugene Levy look like a tough-as-nails, cool-as-ice action movie superstar! There's even an adorable Schitt's Creek reunion with a cameo by Catherine O'Hara.

Salesforce: "Team Earth"

Blending his lovably folksy wisdom with the gravelly voice he uses for Lincoln commercials, Matthew McConaughey dons a very Interstellar-looking space suit to bring us an ad (for Salesforce, apparently), that basically implores people to try and do small yet important things to save the earth.

Planet Fitness: "What's Gotten Into Lindsay?"

Lindsay Lohan is mining her own controversial past and people's preconceived notions about her for comedy in this light-hearted and meta Planet Fitness spot.

Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda: "Land of Loud Flavors"

Bud Light unveils the latest flavors of their seltzer hard sodas in a "land of loud flavors" that has the one and only, mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, at the helm. When he pops open a bottle of seltzer, he's so taken aback, that he has to inform his citizens, and minions, many of whom are rocking his signature bleached blonde 'do, that Bud Light Seltzer Hard Sodas come in the loudest flavors the seltzer line has seen yet.

Rakuten: "High Stakes"

Hannah Waddingham is at the head of the poker table in Rakuten's latest spot. Waddingham continues to raise the stakes by first throwing down a rumba on the table before betting a 4K smart TV. The Ted Lasso actress' worthy opponent is quick to respond, presenting Waddingham with a phone that shows just how much she saved on her bundle of electronics using Rakuten. Defeated by the gargantuan number, Waddingham is forced to fold her hand and angrily leaves from the table, tiny, hairless cat in tow.

Sam's Club: "VIP"

Kevin Hart is scanning as he goes with Sam's Club's Scan & Go app. In the Super Bowl spot, Hart is seen speeding through the superstore's aisles scanning and purchasing an array of items as he goes along, giving him the opportunity to skip the lengthy lines waiting for him at checkout. While Hart thinks this perk is only reserved for "VIP's" like him, he quickly learns that Sam's Club's latest time-saving app is available for all their club members.

AT&T: "A Lot in Common"

Mila Kunis and Moore play themselves at a high school reunion. As the award for "Most Admired Alum" gets ready to be announced, both women believe they have it in the bag. As they both walk up to the stage, they pair seem shocked to see each other. It's then they realize they have more in common than just their connection to Ashton Kutcher. 

NFL Network: This is L.A."

In the touching commercial, Vanessa Bryant parks next to a mural of Kobe and their daughter, Gianna Bryant, who died in 2020, as clips roll from Kobe's historic time on the Lakers and Oscars win. In addition, footage of the Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series win runs as the mother-of-four talks about the city she loves in anticipation of the city hosting the big game, in which the L.A. Rams will be facing off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Flamin' Hot Doritos: "Trailer"

In this teaser for Sunday's big ad, Megan Thee Stallion is seen walking to her trailer with a bag of Flamin' Hot Doritos when she's kicked out of her theater by a mysterious animal.

Flamin' Hot Doritos: "Paw Prints"

In the second part of the Flamin' Hot Doritos saga, we see singer Charlie Puth arrive at his trailer only to find the door already open. When he steps inside, he's greeted by a track of red, dorito-stained paw prints and the feather of a pesky pest that has yet to be uncovered.

Flamin' Hot: "Push It"

The animals behind the pawprints are back, and when they get a bite of Flamin' Hot Doritos and Cheetos, there's nothing that can stop them from busting a move. Before long, the entire animal kingdom joins them for their very own rendition of Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It."

Verizon: "He's Back"

Verizon brings back the original "Cable Guy," Jim Carrey, in the teaser for their latest Super Bowl spot.

Michelob ULTRA: "Welcome to Superior Bowl"

Michelob ULTRA's Super Bowl spot brings us back to the vintage bowling alleys of days past with Steve Buscemi, who is seen tending to alley patrons. A mystery figure walks up to the counter where he is handed a Michelob ULTRA and a pair of bowling shoes by Buscemi. That figure turns out to be the NFL's own Peyton Manning. The football legend makes his way through the alley where he is joined by a slew of sports stars, including Jimmy Butler, Brooks Koepka, Alex Morgan and Nneka Ogwumike who all step up to their respective lanes to challenge Manning at this bowling game. The talented group is quickly upstaged by one of the greatest athletes of all time, Serena Williams, who stops the rest of the players in their tracks the second she walks in.

General Motors: "Evil Again"

Dr. Evil is back! Mike Myers, Seth Green, Rob Lowe, and Mindy Sterling reprise their beloved Austin Powers roles to promote General Motors’ line of electric vehicles. 

Uber Eats

Trevor Noah gets ready for the big game with his Uber Eats purchases, which he quickly finds out, don't all include food. 

Jennifer Coolidge is just as shocked when she discovers lipstick in her bag of Uber Eats items. 

Gwyneth Paltrow is too fooled when she tries to take a bite of her infamous This Smells Like My Vagina - Heretic x Goop Candle.

BIC EZ Reach Lighter: "Smoke Turkeys"

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart light up with BIC's EZ Reach Lighter, showing off their skills on the grill.

Hellmann’s: "Mayo Tackles Food Waste"

Hellmann's aims to tackle food waste with their by employing a "legendary linebacker," Mayo, to tackle those even attempting to throw away bits and pieces of unused food, instead suggesting what they can make with it instead using Hellmann's Mayo. The linebacker almost gets Pete Davidson's mom, before he Mayo that his mom is already tackling food waste, but moments later, Mayo, who can't help his urge to tackle, goes for the SNL comedian, who takes the hit well, joking that he's "very hittable," poking fun at Kanye West wanting to take a jab at Davidson in his new song, "Eazy."

Squarespace x Zendaya

André 3000 narrates this alliteration-ridden commercial that stars Zendaya as Sally, who goes from selling seashells by the seashore to selling shiny seashell sequins skirts and sarongs.

Busch Light: "Voice Of The Mountains"

Kenny G. appears in the mountains of Busch Light beer, serenading thirsty beer drinkers as they take in all that nature has to offer ahead of the company's idyllic mountain range.

BMW USA: "Something Electric is Brewing"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an intimidating Zeus in BMW USA's teaser for their new line of electric vehicles.

BMW USA: "Zeus & Hera"

This time, Schwarzenegger is joined by Hera, the goddess of marriage, who announces her and Zeus' retirement from the mystical world. But where will go to spend their golden years? Palm Springs, of course. There, Zeus' electrical powers won't be used to fend off enemies or change the weather but fix appliances and power the streets as he speeds off in BMW's latest electric car.

PepsiCo: "Road to Super Bowl LVI"

NFL legends and brothers, Eli and Peyton Manning are back to watch the big game. The pair poke some good-natured fun at each other before their joined by fellow NFL greats Jerome Bettis, Victor Cruz, and Terry Bradshaw, to drink and snack on some of PepsiCo's tastiest products. Things start to get rowdy as watching the game from home turns into taking their home on the road in a big yellow bus, complete with the couch from Eli and Payton's living room. By the end, the group is in full road trip mode and determined to make it to the game, but not before belting out their own hilarious rendition of Olivia Rodrigo’s "good 4 u" as they pull up to L.A.'s SoFi Stadium.

TurboTax:  “Matchmaker"

Jason Sudeikis anxiously awaits to find his match in TurboTax's "Matchmaker" teaser.

Booking.com: "Idris Calls his Legendary Spokes-Blokes for Advice"

Idris Elba calls fellow spokespersons, Isaiah Mustafa, of the Old Spice ads and Jonathan Goldsmith, of the "most interesting man in the world" Dos Equis spots, for advice ahead of his big Booking.com campaign.

Caesars Sportsbook and Casino: "Kittens"

Halle Berry dresses as Cleopatra in Caesar's latest spot for their casino, but the ad isn't all about gambling. The actress, dressed as the Queen of Egypt, lounges around one of the casino's hotel rooms, playing with cats, before revealing that all the cats she's frolicking around with are available for adoption.

Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage: "Nervous"

Anna Kendrick is on set nervously chatting up one of her childhood idols. She appears to be rambling on when it's revealed that she's frantically fangirling to the one and only Barbie, who's seen fantastic and in plastic in a robe and an actor's chair of her own.

Oikos: "Strong"

Oikos' latest ad has football legend Deion Sanders facing off against his son, Shedeur Sanders, to prove who is the strongest in the Sanders household. But a twist quickly reveals that the strongest Sanders might just be Deion's mother, who jokes about giving birth to a pro athlete.

Peacock: "Will Smith Introduces a New Generation to Bel-Air"

Will Smith virtually invites fans from across the world to rap the iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song alongside him in anticipation of Sunday's premiere for Peacock's new drama, Bel-Air.

Wallbox: "Can Seth Embrace Electricity Again?"

Seth T. tries to live in a world filled with electricity again after being struck by lightning in Wallbox's latest ad.

Bud Light NEXT: "Zero In The Way Of Possibility"

Bud Light NEXT embraces a new world of possibility where technology and fine art mix.

Kia EV6: "Robo Dog"

Robo Dog looks to be loved like his canine counterparts in Kia's latest ad.

Vroom: "Flake the Musical"

Vroom pokes fun at flakey car buyers in their latest ad for buying and selling used cars.

Carvana: "Oversharing Mom"

Carvana lets an oversharing mom be their mouthpiece as she spills all the details on her latest Carvana purchase everywhere she goes.

Budweiser: "A Clydesdale's Journey"

Budweiser tugs at our heartstrings in their latest spot which shows a dog rooting for his friend, an injured horse, to make a recovery after a run in with a fence almost sends him out to pasture.

Pringles: "Stuck"

Pringles plays at the moment your hand gets stuck in their one-of-a-kind chip tube in their latest Super Bowl ad.

Sam Adams: "Your Cousin from Boston... Dynamics"

Sam Adams' cousin from Boston is presented with a new set of family dynamics when a set of robots crack open a cold one and get down with their human counterparts.

Captain Morgan: "Super Bowl Punch Bowl"

Captain Morgan introduces their very own punch bowl, which uses sonic technology to mix their rum and punch to form their perfect punch bowl for the big game day.

WeatherTech: "Special Ops: Fit Crew"

WeatherTech employs a special ops to outfit your car with the most up-to-date accessories to protect your car from any kind of weather.

Monkeypaw Productions: Nope

Nope tells the story of Haywood Ranch and the strange phenomenon that quickly befalls the ranch and the entire town, decimating and destroying anything in its reach, in what can only be described by its ranch hands as a "bad miracle."

Marvel: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness 

Lovecraftian tentacle monsters, minotaurs and Zombies, oh my! The multiverse is a very dangerous place indeed, and it looks like Strange's efforts to protect the world and learn more are going to take their toll on the titular sorcerer.

Disney+: Moon Knight 

With even more of the Egyptian imagery that plays such a key role to the story, to more, increasingly unsettling looks at the madness that plagues Oscar Isaac's troubled hero, Disney+'s latest look at Moon Knight whets the appetite for the forthcoming series while still keeping the mystery shrouded and shadows and chaos.

Prime Video: Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

In the teaser trailer for the upcoming LOTR series, fans are given a glimpse at Middle-earth before the king, before the fellowship and before the forging of the titular rings in to tell the story of the many rings and the power behind them. Premiering Sept. 2, the series, which has already been renewed for a second season ahead of its highly-anticipated release, will be set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as it explores the Second Age of Middle-earth’s fabled history. 

FTX: "Don't Miss Out"

Larry David is one of the world's favorite curmudgeons, and he has apparently had a healthy dose of skepticism for all sorts of technological advancements through the ages -- including a distrust of cryptocurrency. The FTX App is encouraging viewers to embrace the future.

T-Mobile: "Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus Help 5G Phones' Dreams Come True"

Two iconic musical artists team up to pen a moving, touching songs about cell phones -- and it's unexpectedly powerful.

T-Mobile: "Zach Braff and Donald Faison Sing a Duet for Home Internet"

Not content to let Dolly and Miley have all the musical fun, T-Mobile tapped Zach Braff and Donald Faison to star in this musical commercial that also serves as a delightful, mini Scrubs reunion.

E*TRADE: "Off The Grid"

It's been a long time since the E*TRADE baby made a commercial, but the time has come for him to leave his life of rugged isolation in the wilderness and return to civilization to convince people to be more responsible with their financial investments. 

Expedia: "Stuff"

This meta-commercial stars Ewan McGregor walking around a huge soundstage, looking at all the different commercials being shot for "stuff," and explaining how much more people enjoying traveling and experiences that material possessions.