Serena Williams on Preparing for Retirement and Possibly Having More Kids (Exclusive)

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Serena Williams definitely sees having more children in her future. ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with the 40-year-old tennis champ about her Super Bowl ad for Michelob Ultra, and she also talked about what's ahead for her when her legendary tennis career eventually comes to an end.

Williams said she is ready to one day retire from tennis.

"I am prepared for that day, I've been prepared for that day for over a decade," she says. "So, I've always -- if you've seen King Richard [the biographical film about her father, Richard Williams] -- you know that my dad always said you got to prepare, so I've been prepared for that. You know, at the end of the day, I think it's really important to always have a plan and that's kind of what I did. I always had a plan."

Williams is indeed busy with not just tennis, but multiple business ventures. According to Forbes, she has nearly 20 corporate partners and investments in 66 startups. She also launched a direct-to-consumer clothing line, S by Serena, in 2018, and signed a first-look TV deal with Amazon Studios last year that includes a docuseries about her.

"It is a balancing act and some days it's harder than the others," she acknowledges about her busy schedule. "It was definitely more tough because I'm still a mom and I'm still a wife and I'm still, you know, I want to be able to spend time and I like to be good at things. I want to be the best mom, you know, and I just have a wonderful team around me. ... There are days that are overwhelming ... but I'm just like, OK, I just got to like, figure it out and just make it work."

One thing she's still figuring out is the timing when it comes to having more kids. Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, are already parents to their adorable 4-year-old daughter, Olympia.

"I definitely want to have more kids, it's just like, balance is key, you know, and just trying to find that balance," she shares. "I don't know, it's always like, OK, are we ready? And I know the clock is ticking so I'm just like OK, I need to figure out when that's going to be, but hopefully soon when I will feel no pressure."

Meanwhile, when it comes to her Super Bowl ad this year, Williams talked about getting to work with actor Steve Buscemi and the fun experience they shared.

"Honestly, I was so excited because I've actually been a fan of his for a long time and there was a movie he was in ages ago called Twenty Bucks, and when I told him that's when I became a fan, he couldn't believe that I knew that movie because it's so old and it wasn't like, the most famous movie," she shares. "But I love actors and acting and I like good quality, and I could tell from them that he was really good at his job and we just vibe."

ET also spoke with Buscemi, who had nothing but praise for Williams.

"I was there when Serena Williams was shooting and so we got to hang out a little bit," he recalls. "She is just amazing. She's such a joy and what an athlete. I was just in awe and so that was the biggest thrill for me."
"And I always forget whenever I meet an athlete, they are larger than life -- they are, you know, they're just powerful beings, and it is a little bit intimidating," he continues. "But they're people and she was so sweet, and she was funny, you know? Once we started to hang out and talk a little bit and we both sort of loosened up, we really had a lot of laughs, so it was nice."


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