Shania Twain Loves This Connection to Brad Pitt in 'Ad Astra'

Shania Twain Brad Pitt
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Those behind the film Ad Astra seem to have taken Shania Twain's lyrics into account!

On Monday, Twain retweeted a fan's post that compared her 1997 hit song, "That Don't Impress Me Much," to three things that are found in the movie. 

"OK, so you're a rocket scientist," she croons in the song. "That don't impress me much."

Later in the tune, the 54-year-old singer also declares that she's equally not impressed if you're Brad Pitt or if you have a car. 

Funny enough, all of these are prevalent in Ad Astra. "Did no one realize that BRAD PITT just played a ROCKET SCIENTIST, who had a CAR?! THOSE ARE THE THREE THINGS THAT DON'T IMPRESS SHANIA TWAIN MUCH!!!" one fan tweeted along with photos from the film.  

Twain took notice of the tweet and reposted it with three laughing emojis. 

ET recently spoke with Twain about how the 56-year-old actor ended up being a lyric in her song. She revealed that it occurred after a scandal involving Pitt and his ex-fiancee, Gwyneth Paltrow’s, nude photos were reportedly going to be published in Playgirl.

“I thought it was a horrible invasion on them and I just sort of took the other angle of it,” she said. “He's so gorgeous, clothed or naked, so I just did that as an exaggeration ... being playful.”

She quipped, "It doesn’t impress me much that I still have not met Brad Pitt, come on!"

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