Brad Pitt on Improving George Clooney's ‘Gravity’ Performance With His New Space Flick 'Ad Astra' (Exclusive)

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As Brad Pitt prepares to debut his spacey new film, Ad Astra, to planet earth on September 20th, the actor has confessed that he set out to “improve” on the space film performance of his good buddy George Clooney.

On Monday, Pitt, 55, phoned in the ultimate judgement call (to space!) to ask an expert who was better -- Clooney, who starred in 2013 space film Gravity, or Pitt who plays Roy McBride Roy (a man journeying across the solar system in search of his missing father) in Ad Astra.

“Station, this is Brad. How do you hear me? Who was more believable -- Clooney or Pitt?” Pitt quizzed astronaut Nick Hague during a phone call from NASA Headquarters.

“You were, absolutely!” responded Hague, who recently got to screen the film with the International Space Crew.

Pitt addressed his competitive streak with Clooney further during a screening of Ad Astra in Washington D.C. on Monday evening, where he told ET’s Brooke Anderson that he set out to improve on the job Clooney had done.

“No,” he said, when asked if he reached out to his pal before filming Ad Astra. “I could see what he was doing. I figured I could improve on it!”

Pitt also insisted that he outperformed Clooney in another significant screen world -- Friends!

Both actors guest starred on the sitcom: Pitt as Ross’ friend, Will Colbert, and Clooney as a doctor who treated Rachel.

So, who had the most iconic cameo?

“Oh, I didn’t know even he did that,” Pitt said, before seemingly concluding that made his own role more iconic. “There you go!”

Meanwhile, Pitt also discussed another famous friend, Kanye West, whose celebrity-frequented Sunday service Pitt recently attended.

“I think he was doing something really special there,” Pitt said. “It's a pure celebration of life and people. It's really delightful. It really is.”

See more on Pitt and Ad Astra below.


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