Shannen Doherty Calls On Fran Drescher to Fix SAG-AFTRA Healthcare Rules: ‘Not OK'

The actress wants to see change.

Shannen Doherty has questions and she’s hoping one person can answer them – Fran Drescher

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star took to Instagram on Wednesday to call upon the SAG-AFTRA President to make changes in the organization's “current criteria.”

“@officialfrandrescher i'm curious for people like me who have worked since they were 10 and paid dues to @sagaftra how when we aren’t able to work for health reasons why our union abandons us. I think we can do better for all our members and I think you’re person to do it,” she wrote. 

“Health insurance shouldn’t be based on annual income. It’s a lifetime contribution. And for me and many others, we have paid a lifetime of dues to only be canceled because we don’t meet your current criteria. Not ok” Doherty added. 

A spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA Health Plan tells ET, "SAG-AFTRA Health Plan Trustees care deeply about our participants and their wellbeing. We're happy to be able to offer an extension of coverage to eligible participants or their dependents when they are unable to work due to health issues."

In September 2021, Drescher was elected president of SAG-AFTRA, after narrowly defeating Matthew Modine, who ran on the rival Membership First slate, by a tally of 52.5% to 47.5%.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke to Doherty in December 2021, ahead of the premiere of her film, Fortress, and she talked about returning to the big screen, her health and her goals for the new year.

"If I were dreaming of what would happen in 2022, I think lot more research and progression as far as finding the cure for cancer is my ultimate, ultimate dream because even though I am thriving and I’m doing well, I still have cancer and you don’t want stage four, but I have it and so I think in the back of my mind, this constant sort of OK, 'What can I do to help bring more awareness, what can I do the help raise money, what can I do to sort of push research for not just myself but for everybody else who is suffering from cancer?'" Doherty shared.

While that was her ultimate goal for 2022, Doherty said that realistically, she hoped her health remained stable as she continues to battle stage 4 cancer.

She continued, "Realistically, I hope that my health just continues to be stable and that I continue the relationships with my husband and my mom and my friends and and I hope their work continues to grow and it only gets better. ... I just I hope that next year, work-wise continues. I hope I continue to get these opportunities and that I continue to work with people that I've always admired and wanted to work with."

In March 2022, Doherty posted an Instagram post, sharing a health update: “Early morning doctors visit for scans. Blurry eyed. Hair askew but the new bandage wraps made me smile! #cancerslayer.”

Doherty isn’t the only celebrity to call our SAG-AFTRA and Drescher for the organization's healthcare. 

Speaking with People and Entertainment Weekly on the 2023 SAG Awards red carpet, Drescher discussed how an icon even had clerical questions.  

"I got a call from Barbra Streisand," Drescher revealed, asking, "Why aren't I covered on [husband] Jim [Brolin]'s healthcare anymore?" Asked if she was kidding, Drescher responded, "I am not kidding, bless her heart!"

Doherty was first diagnosed in 2015 with breast cancer after she noticed a lump in her breast. She was treated with hormone therapy but eventually needed to undergo a single mastectomy as well as chemotherapy and radiation. In 2017, Doherty’s cancer went into remission. Unfortunately in February 2020, it returned as stage IV breast cancer. It had also spread to other parts of her body. 


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