Shawn Mendes Reacts to Camila Cabello's Love Interest in 'Living Proof' Music Video: 'Who's This Guy?!'


Cabello dropped her 'Living Proof' music video on Sunday -- and Mendes isn't in it.

Camila Cabello's music video for "Living Proof" is here -- and no, Shawn Mendes is not in it. 

The 22-year-old singer's new song may reference a love that's healed her, but that doesn't mean her real-life boyfriend got a role in the music video. Instead, the dreamy, romantic music video stars a Mendes look-alike, leading the singer to jokingly call out his girlfriend on Twitter. 

"Wait who’s this guy?!" Mendes, 21, tweeted in response to the video, which shows Cabello getting close to a shirtless, muscled man with impressive dance moves and smoldering stares. Check out the music video below. 

Cabello's new music video comes just hours before she and Mendes will perform together at the 2019 American Music Awards; the couple is set to sing their song, "Señorita." 

The two officially started dating on July 4, but as Cabello recently revealed, they had feelings for each other long before then. 

"During 'I Know What You Did Last Summer,' I really bonded with him as more than a friend," she told Rolling Stone of her 2015 track with Mendes. "I think he did, too, but we were both really young, and he was experiencing the pressures of his career."

"Our paths just didn’t cross in that way romantically until we started hanging out again and writing," Cabello explained, likely in reference to "Señorita," which dropped in June. 

"For me, it just brought it back," she said.