Sheila E. Says Prince Called Holograms ‘Demonic,’ Talks Conversation With Justin Timberlake (Exclusive)

Sheila E. and Prince
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Rumors of a Prince hologram were quickly shut down by Sheila E.

The late singer’s longtime collaborator and former fiancée took to Twitter ahead of the Super Bowl halftime show with Justin Timberlake to reassure concerned fans.

She also caught up with ET’s Kevin Frazier at the game on Sunday night to talk about why it was important to her that there not be a hologram of her dearly departed friend during the show.

“I just said no. I just felt that it was too soon,” she told ET. “The hologram was weird, and Prince did tell me [to] make sure nobody ever does a hologram of me. ‘If you’re still here, make sure nobody does a hologram.’ He thought it was very demonic and that’s his spiritual beliefs.”

She also opened up about speaking to Timberlake prior to his performance, saying, “Justin reached out to me last night and we had a good conversation, and then I assured the fans that there is no hologram.”

This year's Super Bowl was held in Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and as a tribute, Timberlake sat down at the piano during part of his halftime performance to sing the music icon's 1984 ballad, “I Would Die 4 U." Images of the “Purple Rain” singer were flashed onto giant screens during the song, but there was no hologram.

“It’s a moment for me, if I’m being quite honest, because he’s always been the pinnacle of musicianship for me," Timberlake told Jimmy Fallon on a live taping of The Tonight Show directly following the Super Bowl. "And when we decided that [we were going to do a tribute], like the serendipity and the synergy that we would be Minneapolis, and that he’s such a special thing here aside from what he is all over the world.”

For more from the halftime show, watch the clip below!


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