Shemar Moore Surprises Jennifer Hudson by Kissing Audience Member at Her Talk Show

The 'S.W.A.T.' star left one fan trembling with an unexpected kiss during an appearance on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show.'

Shemar Moore is making fans' dreams come true -- well, at least for the fans who dream about getting to kiss him.

The 53-year-old S.W.A.T. star is very aware of his outspoken legion of fans, and seemingly loves playing to their infatuation -- which was evident during his most recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show.

After playing a viral video of an older woman being very excited to get a blanket with Moore's face on it as a gift, the actor joked, "Well, that's the thing about being in the game for 30 years."

He went on to recall how he was always "taking off my shirt and counting my six-pack" back in his "Young and the Restless days," but then proceeded to show off how he's still sporting an impressive set of abs.

"This is for all my grannies out there," Moore joked, as the audience hooted, hollered and cheered.

"Well since you got them all excited..." Hudson joked, before bringing Moore out into the audience to talk to fans up close.

After gifting one woman a pillow with his face on it -- and joking "We about to get our cuddle on" -- Hudson welcomed a second audience member, Dina, who was already trembling with excitement when she walked up.

Just to sort of make the moment particularly memorable, Moore planted a gentle kiss -- essentially a stage kiss -- on the fan, which all but made her nearly fall over.

Hudson couldn't quite believe her eyes as the kiss happened, and did her best to steady the fan after the unexpected smooch.

It wasn't until minutes later, as the euphoria wore off, that the fan realized with a laugh, "My husband's gonna see this!"

"Just don't give him my address," Moore quipped. "I only fight on TV."

"It's OK, it's the hall pass," the fan responded.

Moore, of course, has been in a long-term relationship himself with girlfriend Jesiree Dizon, and the pair welcomed their daughter, Frankie, in January 2023.

Moore spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura earlier this month, and reflected on watching his little girl grow up, explaining that she's "the last piece of my puzzle."

Moore explained that having a child has changed a lot about his perspective and his priorities, sharing, "I get the opportunity to be daddy. And now it's not about me anymore. Now everything I do is for her... I got the most amazing, beautiful little lady... [and] she's a happy lady."

Check out the video below to hear more.

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