Shep Rose’s Latest Date Gets Off to a Cringeworthy Start on ‘RelationShep’ -- Watch! (Exclusive)


The ‘Southern Charm’ star continues his romantic tour of America on the search for love, and ET has your first look.

Shep Rose’s charm isn’t working on every RelationShep date.

Monday’s all-new episode of the show finds Shep in Texas for a series of dates with his friends’ friends. In ET’s exclusive first look, he meets up with a woman named Priscilla for chips and salsa -- and Priscilla's spicy personality proves to be a bit much for the Southern Charm star. When Priscilla tells Shep she’d like to see him again, he says he’s “shocked” and jokes that he’s “not a good catch.”

“You’re dirty, don’t work… got no ambitions,” she replies, with a laugh, catching Shep totally off guard.

“No, I’m kidding,” Priscilla adds after Shep looks dumbfounded. “Don’t be offended, I was just joking.”

“You can’t say you’re joking after every damaging comment,” he tells her.

“Priscila is a little spark plug,” Shep notes in his confessional. “She starts busting my balls immediately and I’m like, wait a second. You haven’t earned that yet, so… but maybe that’s her Latin, fieriness?”

“Just giving you a hard time,” Priscilla counters. “If not, I wouldn’t suggest that we hang out again … I just hurt your feelings and now I’m apologizing. Do you accept my apology?”

“Of course,” Shep admits. “I have alligator skin.”

“Apparently not!” Priscilla says, getting in one last jab.

Tune into RelationShep on Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo after Vanderpump Rules to see what happens next.