Sherri Shepherd Shares Emotional Reason Behind 30-Pound Weight Loss (Exclusive)

The comedian spoke with ET on the set of her upcoming Netflix series.

Sherri Shepherd is opening up about her 30-pound weight loss journey.

ET chatted with the 51-year-old comedian on the set of her new Netflix show, Mr. Iglesias, where she got candid about the motivation behind her trimmed-down figure.

"I say you have to make a commitment to actually loving yourself," Shepherd, who portrays Principal Paula Madison on the upcoming comedy series, told ET's Hallie Stephens. "A lot of times, as women, we don't take the time to love on ourselves and be gentle with ourselves. When I started saying, 'Sherri, just love on you and make a commitment to you,' that's when things started to happen."

"The perk is being able to wear cute clothes (or cuter clothes), but the benefit is, I have so much energy," she continued. "I get to do stand-up every night and this [show] and I can focus and I have clarity and I feel good inside. So I would say, take time for you and just love yourself." 

Shepherd shared earlier this month via Instagram that she was starting to lose weight after completely cutting sugar from her diet. At the time of her interview with ET, she revealed she was close to 270 days without it -- and down an impressive 30 pounds!

The actress says she's not only making strides toward a healthier lifestyle for herself, but also for her 13-year-old son, Jeffrey, whom she shares with her first ex-husband, Jeff Tarpley. Shepherd is also the legal mother to 4-year-old son Lamar (born via surrogate) with her second ex-husband, Lamar Sally.

"[Jeffrey] said to me when I was eating a candy bar ... he's got special needs and he said, 'Mommy, if you die, who's gonna be my bodyguard?' And I said, 'What?' And he said, 'Who's gonna be my bodyguard? Who's gonna take care of me if you die?'" she recalled. "And that's when I went cold turkey and stopped sugar because boys need their mamas."

"The perk is being able to put on my little shoes and little jeans with the holes all in them, but the biggest thing is, I got my health and I got my life, and I get to enjoy more time with my son," she added. "You would give your life for the people you love, but would you live for the people you love? Like, you'd die for them, but would you actually commit to living for them?"

Becoming the best version of herself for her family is obviously a priority for Shepherd right now, but is the mother of two ready to dive into the dating world anytime soon? She tells ET she's currently single, but "open" to finding love!

"I've been single for about four years. I think I'm ready to put my feet into the dating pool. The water's a little cold, but I think I'm ready," she joked. "Don't send me none of your uncles. I need people with their own teeth, their own knees. Good credit. Maybe they own their own home. You know, I got a lot of little factors, but I think I'm ready to date."