Sheryl Lee Ralph Asks for Prayers As She Waits for Hurricane Beryl to Hit Jamaica Ahead of Her Son's Wedding

Sheryl Lee Ralph's son, Etienne, is supposed to get married to ABC News journalist Stephanie Wash in Jamaica this weekend.

As residents of Jamaica prepare themselves for Hurricane Beryl's arrival, Sheryl Lee Ralph is asking her followers to send their prayers. The Abbott Elementary star took to X (formerly Twitter) early Wednesday morning to share an update on the island's weather where her family has gathered for her son, Etienne Maurice's, wedding on July 6.

In the video posted to X, Ralph shares what the weather has looked like as the island braces for the Category 4 storm's impact - which is anticipated to reach landfall midday on July 3, according to the National Hurricane Center.

"From the looks of the sky, it looks like Beryl is gonna be here much sooner than the news keeps saying," Ralph, 67, says as she looks out a window. "So it's very calm here in Jamaica, the sky is so beautifully clear. And they said that the sea looked like glass today."

Ralph shared that she had taken in "all of the outside furniture because, you know, those things take flight," as she encouraged others to follow the island's curfew, "stay inside" and "stay off the road."

"I hope you've put oil in your lamp and are taking extra care," she adds. "So to everybody that's here on the island, we remember that Gilbert was a three and Beryl is a four. Wow. God bless you, goodnight."

The Emmy winner captioned the post, "Good night from Jamaica 🇯🇲 Pray for us as you pray for others."

Later, Ralph shared a photo of a fallen tree, explaining that the tree had been "blown down by Hurricane Beryl" and "just missed" her neighbor's house. 

"I am thanking God because that would’ve been a disaster! To all of my praying people, Keep it up!!" she captioned the post.

When she couldn't sleep, Ralph posted another update that she would be watching Netflix's new superhero series, Supercell, which she later described as "outstanding."

"I just love the idea of supernatural skills that could be used to help the world like veer the eye of Hurricane Beryl to the south of Kingston so my son's wedding goes on without a hitch this weekend," she added.

Although Ralph was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, her mother was Ivy Ralph O.D., a beloved Jamaican fashion designer and the creator of the kariba suit. The actress frequently returns to her home in Jamaica, where she received an Honorary Order of Jamaica in 2022 for her "sterling contribution as an actress, cultural ambassador of Jamaica and for contribution to the international film industry." 

As Ralph shared, she's in Jamaica for her son's wedding to longtime girlfriend and ABC News journalist, Stephanie Wash. Etienne -- who Ralph shares with her ex-husband, Eric Maurice -- announced his engagement last July after two years of dating.

Etienne, 32, posted on his Instagram Stories on July 2 that he was "taking a walk" on a sunny day in Kingston and the weather was "beautiful."

"Hopefully Hurricane Beryl is not gonna be as bad as people are thinking, but this will pass," he said in the video. "Disappointed that some people aren't gonna make it to the wedding, but you know, such is life. It's gonna keep going. And we're getting married on Saturday. So, that being said, Happily Mauriced is still in full effect. Whoever will be here, will be here. Ain't nothing I can do, I'm leaving it in God's hands."

Etienne Maurice posts about his wedding in Jamaica amid weather warnings. - Instagram/Etienne Maurice

Ralph previously told ET that her son's bride-to-be "fits and blends so well into our family" as she gushed about the engagement.

"I'm so happy, I'm so inspired, I love it!" she said. "That's all you can ask, that your children are happy in different stages of their life."

The actress joked that she wanted the same happiness for her daughter, 29-year-old Ivy-Victoria, who she also shares with her ex-husband.

Ralph gleefully noted that after the wedding, she'll be a "Glamma" eventually.

"We called my grandmother Nana, they called my mother Grandi, and I said, 'Nuh-uh, Glamma,'" she shared. "Glam-mom, Glamma that works [too], they can say that. I'll be the G-mama, yes."