Shia LaBeouf Signed Up to Join the Peace Corps After His 2017 Arrest: 'I Thought the Actor Thing Was Over'

Shia LaBeouf
Rich Fury/Getty Images

The actor is currently promoting his autobiographical film, 'Honey Boy.'

Shia LaBeouf is turning his life around, but that doesn't mean he's ready for a complete career change. 

The 33-year-old actor penned an autobiographical script for his new film, Honey Boy, which follows his life with his now-estranged father, Jeffrey Craig LaBeouf, when he was a child star. 

Though the film is one of two releases he has this year, LaBeouf almost considered leaving acting entirely. Following a 2017 arrest in Savannah, Georgia, for disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and obstruction, LaBeouf was forced to go to a court-mandated rehab facility. 

"I thought the actor thing was over. I signed up to go to the Peace Corps," LaBeouf revealed on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "And then went into this rehab facility, was there for two months, had written this thing, plans changed, so when I got out, I wasn't going to do the Peace Corps no more." 

LaBeouf said the organization took his decision to drop out well, saying, "We had a little conversation about it. They were very peaceful about it. Very calm, 'Listen I'm not going to come...' 'That's OK!' It's not like the Navy or something like that. It's not the Marine Corps."

He also gave the police officer who arrested him back in 2017 another shout out on Kimmel, saying, "Officer Brian, that's my guy. He invited me to go fishing yesterday." 

He added that he "f**king hated" the officer when he was arrested, but noted that things change.

LaBeouf previously noted that the film Honey Boy came from his "exposure therapy sessions" from rehab. 

The film hits select theaters on Nov. 8. Here's a look at the actor playing LaBeouf in the film: