Shirtless Chadwick Boseman Sizzles on the Cover of 'Rolling Stone'

Norman Jean Roy for Rolling Stone

Damn, Chadwick Boseman!

The Black Panther star graces the cover of Rolling Stone's latest issue, and let's just say he left little to the imagination and a lot to be appreciated. 

Boseman sizzles on the cover of the magazine, sporting nothing but a tight pair of leather pants, an oversized coat and his character, King T'Challa's, Black Panther necklace, and sending fans into a total frenzy. 

Norman Jean Roy for Rolling Stone

Black Panther, which released on Friday, has quickly become the top-grossing film in history by a black director (Ryan Coogler), with global ticket sales for opening weekend expected to reach $387 million. 

"It's a sea-change moment," Boseman told Rolling Stone of the film's success. "I still remember the excitement people had seeing Malcolm X. And this is greater, because it includes other people, too. Everybody comes to see the Marvel movie."

"The money and manpower it takes to create this entire African world -- it's a huge production," he continued. "But this is not Star Wars --this is a black superhero movie!"

The 41-year-old actor went on to note that the film's predominantly black cast and setting in Africa appealed to him as an actor.

"Some [black] actors will say, 'I don't want to play a character just because he's black,'" he shared. "And that's great, I'm not saying they're wrong. But that's missing all the richness that's been whitewashed."

"It's perfect casting," Coogler added. "His physicality, his reserved personality, the way he looks younger than he is, wise beyond his years."

See more on Black Panther in the video below. 


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