Michael B. Jordan Snuck Into 'Black Panther' Screenings on Opening Night: 'It Felt Good' (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actor in Los Angeles on Friday ahead of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game.

Michael B. Jordan wanted to see Black Panther with the people!

The Marvel movie villain opened up to ET's Nischelle Turner in Los Angeles on Friday ahead of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game about how he snuck into opening night screenings, and how cool it was to see people react to the critically-acclaimed superhero film.

"Honestly, everybody was laughing, they were yelling at the screen, you know what I'm saying?" shared the 31-year-old actor, who plays Erik "Killmonger" Stevens. "The gasps, the one-liners, everything was working so it was cool to see it with a normal audience -- not at a premiere, not at a press junket. They were really engaged and interacting with the film, so it was good to see."

Jordan is a big part of the reason why critics and audiences alike are already celebrating Killmonger as one of Marvel's most compelling villains to date. He shared with ET what a relief it was to know that people responded positively to his work.

"It is a little relaxing to know people are really liking the performance," he said. "[Playing the bad guy] was something I'd never really done before so I was anxious to see how it would play and if it worked... it felt good."

Black Panther is in theaters now.

Watch the video below for more on the movie.


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