'Sierra Burgess' Star Shannon Purser on the 'Strangest Thing' She's Done to Impress a Crush (Exclusive)

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Shannon Purser's high school years weren't so different from the rest of ours. 

During a recent interview with ET's Courtney Tezeno at Netflix's Summer of Love press day, the Sierra Burgess Is a Loser star opened up about past loves -- and revealed the "strangest thing" she's ever done to impress a crush. 

"I was into this one guy that was like, punk and cool and rock 'n roll. So I went out and bought black high top Converse," Purser revealed. "[I] like, literally planned out my outfits for when I knew he'd be around, so I'd look like, as cool and alternative as possible. 

"It was a time. We ended up dating... but it didn't work out," she confessed with a laugh. "But you know what? It was fun." 

Purser plays self-professed loser Sierra Burgess in her new Netflix film, while her co-star, Kristine Froseth, portrays the hot, popular cheerleader, Veronica, who ends up helping Sierra win over her crush, Jamey (Noah Centineo). While Froseth plays the high school queen bee, she admitted that she was actually pretty shy in real life, and "too nervous to talk to guys." 

Purser and Froseth are the picture of confidence now, but as they told ET, they both related to the movie's theme of breaking down societal standards of beauty. 

"Sometimes you have to try and separate yourself from that pressure. I mean, even though it's constantly in your face the entire time, if you are surrounded by good friends who will constantly remind you, you don't have to be a certain way," Froseth said. 

"I'm very interested in makeup and fashion and beauty. I love that, but I think it's such a subjective thing... that there's this societal standard for what is beautiful and what is not. It's ridiculous," Purser added. "I've found beauty in such unexpected places. I think the most beautiful thing you can do is be yourself and to own it." 

The co-stars agreed that "there's so much you can relate to" with their new movie and its message of self-acceptance, and Purser in particular really identified with her character. 

"I mean, I definitely relate to not being a part of the popular crowd," she expressed. "But, you know, [Sierra wasn't] a loser in the end. I think she was pretty self-confident and had a best friend and was doing alright in high school before this boyfriend showed up and changed everything." 

"I kind of know how that feels, too, to have your world turned upside down," said Purser, who has enjoyed incredible success -- and an Emmy nomination -- after her role in Stranger Things season one. "It was cool to pull from that." 

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser premieres to Netflix on Sept. 7. See more from the film's premiere in the video below. 


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