'Siesta Key's Juliette Talks Split From Sam and Dishes on Her New Man (Exclusive)

Things will also get a bit awkward when Juliette's new man is featured on the show in scenes with her ex, Sam.

Now that the dust has settled, Siesta Key's Juliette Porter is spilling the tea on why her relationship with Sam Logan fizzled, and how he doesn't compare to the new man in her life, Clark Drum.

Juliette opened up to ET's Deidre Behar about the myriad of reasons why her relationship with Sam was doomed almost from the start, stemming from her claims that Sam was way too co-dependent to cheating accusations. The breakup plays out in new episodes of Siesta Key's Season 4b, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 

"Sam and I just came from two different worlds and our lifestyles just weren't really fitting together," Juliette tells ET. "And we just wanted different things and I think that he wanted me to live his life and I didn't want that. And it ultimately just caused so much tension. I just became really emotionally worn down, and we lived together, so there's no escape when it comes to that."

The JMP The Label swimsuit designer said her friends saw signs of a toxic relationship.

"Amanda [Miller] knows, we would fight every time we would go out. I was unhappy. I was tired all the time," Juliette says. "As soon as we started filming is when the cracks really started to show. In the beginning, it was amazing -- I was first starting my company and we had just started living together."

That they moved in together triggered problems. But, in an attempt to save the relationship, Juliette said she offered to move out, hoping that would give the struggling couple a bit of a buffer zone if they lived separately.

"Until you live with someone, you don't really know how compatible you are," Juliette explains. "And I wish I could say I regret living with him, maybe we would've still [been] together. Actually, probably not, but the relationship would've lasted longer, I think, had there been more space between us. But it's ultimately where we were just never meant to be. We're two completely separate people. I'm way too independent for him. He's way too dependent for me. This was never going to work."

The continuous fights surely strained the relationship, but add in the speculation of cheating to the equation and it was a setup for disaster. Rumors swirled that Sam and Juliette were unfaithful, but now Juliette's setting the record straight.

"You guys will see," Juliette hints before confirming, "Yeah, he totally did." As to whether she cheated, Juliette hedged.

"I don't know," she says. "It's really the way you look at it. You're gonna have to decide it [for] yourselves."

In any event, Juliette is excited that the season 4 continuation is finally underway because now fans can really get a look at why and how the breakup went down.

"I think I'm most excited for the fans to see the real events and how everything actually transpired and what happened with my breakup, because I feel like I didn't really open up about it much online, which I think would be immature to do, and I'm past that age where I go online and talk s**t about other people," Juliette explains. "And Sam did that a lot, and a lot of people have these opinions on our breakup or what really happened. And so now they're going to actually see the real story and I'm excited for that, because I feel like I really did my best at trying to be mature this season. And so hopefully it comes across that way to others and they'll see what really happened. So I'm excited for all those rumors to just be put to rest."

It was just last October when Juliette went Instagram official with her new man, Clark Drum, who couldn't be more different than Sam.

"With Clark, he actually listens to me. He respects me. I respect him," Juliette gushes about her new man. "It's like a give-and-take kind of thing, which is really nice. So, this whole season led me to him. I'm really happy with the way everything worked out."

As for how they met, it's quite the cute-meet story.

"Chloe [Long] took my phone when we were ... such a cute story," Juliette shares. "I was super drunk with Amanda and Chloe and some of our other friends. It was pouring rain, we're at a bar and Chloe takes my phone and she's like, 'We need to find you a new guy.' And she DM's Clark, because Clark and I followed each other on Instagram. I knew him from friends of friends. I barely knew him. We were just Instagram friends. And so, Chloe messaged him from my account saying, 'Text me,' and he texted me in five seconds."

The plan was for Juliette and her girls to make the trip out to Fort Lauderdale the next day and meet Clark. But the crew woke up hungover, so those plans got derailed. It ended up working out for the better.

"He invited me to the Bahamas, randomly, a couple weeks later and I was like, 'Yeah. Yeah,'" Juliette says.

And for those wondering, yes, Clark will be featured on the show this season in scenes with Sam. Juliette's thoughts?

"That's so weird," she says. "It's so weird. Very awkward. Very awkward."

The upcoming season will also offer a closer look at the girls' friendships. Amanda, for her part, said this season offered her the opportunity to get closer with her close group that includes Juliette, Chloe and Madisson Hausburg, who back in December revealed she had a stillbirth.

"There's no words that you can say to help somebody going through that," Amanda says. "Especially since none of us can understand her pain. ... Nobody deserves that, but she is the last person in the world that ever deserved that. And I just wish her well, and all we can do is just have open arms and be a shoulder to cry on and just a supportive friend. And she has days where she's so happy and I'm so thankful that she loves talking about him."

Juliette echoed those sentiments, adding she draws from Madisson's strength.

"I'm so amazed at the beautiful way she's handled this entire situation," Juliette says. "To Amanda's point, she didn't want to pretend this didn't happen. She wants to take this experience and spin it into teaching others how to go through this, talking about it, opening up about it, telling others they're not alone. You know, she's been going to grieving mother courses and stuff like that. And most importantly, she wants people to talk about Elliot and how beautiful he is and share her story. I'm so amazed by Madison every day. I'm amazed by Ish and we all love her. We're all here for her. And as much as I don't want to say, I'm excited for people to see this, it's something that I think they need to see."