Simon Cowell Addresses Ongoing Wedding Planning With Fiancée Lauren Silverman (Exclusive)

The 'AGT' judge opened up to ET on Tuesday, following the third night of the qualifying rounds.

Gearing up for the big day. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are set to tie the knot, but the question is just how involved the America's Got Talent judge is with prepping.

Cowell spoke with ET's Denny Directo on the AGT red carpet on Tuesday, following the third night of the season 17 qualifying rounds, and he laughingly said, "I am always wedding planning."

Although, when asked if he's truly a "groomzilla" Cowell admitted that he's really "not involved" in the nuances of pulling off the big day, and is instead letting his longtime love have it the way she wants.

That being said, there is something Cowell really does want to have at the wedding. "A puppy!" Cowell said, perhaps inspired by an adorable puppy that happened to be on the carpet at the same time. He also seemed pretty into the idea of having a puppy as a ring-bearer.

Cowell got engaged to his ladylove in January and in February, he told ET that the couple’s 8-year-old son, Eric, had a hand in their engagement.

“One hundred percent he had to coach me,” Cowell said about his son's input. “And we planned it. He was a big part of it."

Apart from wedding planning, Cowell also talked about AGT on Tuesday, and the show's new format -- which involves a lot more acts auditioning and making it to the qualifying rounds, but with only two acts moving on from there. This means a whole lot of contestants are going home and the stakes are higer than they've ever been.

"We thought, 'Don't change it too much, but try and make it more it more exciting,'" Cowell said of the format alteration. "I always felt, if we had enough contestants, we should put more through [to qualifying rounds]. This year, we got lucky, we had a lot... and it makes these show's more exciting."

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