Single Tara Reid Reveals What She's Looking for in a Man (Exclusive)

The 'Sharknado 6' star dished to ET on what she wants in a man.

Tara Reid is looking for the impossible. 

That's what the 42-year-old actress told ET's Lauren Zima when she caught up with Reid at the Steve Irwin Gala dinner in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday night. 

The Sharknado star revealed that after the SyFy fan-favorite series ends with its upcoming sixth installment, she hopes to focus on her love life.  

"You know, we're getting at that age where -- hopefully maybe one day we'll meet a nice guy and start settling down," she says. 

Reid shared that she is presently single, but she knows what's important to her. "I think stability, you know? A guy that's there," she says. "I'm always traveling, so it's hard to date."

She continues: "When you meet someone, you're with them and [then] you're gone three months. It's really difficult. So, someone that has a flexibility to go with my schedule as well would be great -- which is almost impossible, so I'm looking for the impossible!" 

As for the next and last Sharknado, Reid dished that it will "go out with a bang." 

"It's so crazy," she says of the horror comedy, co-starring Ian Ziering and Vivica A. Fox. "There's a lot of time travel in it. Characters that you don't think are going to be there come in and out. It's just really to another level." 

When it comes to Sharknado, the franchise that brought us shark tornadoes and Fabio as the pope, well, we'll believe anything!

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