'Sister Wives': Christine's Daughter Lends Robyn Her Support Amid Split: 'You’ll Always Be Mom' (Exclusive)

Christine and Kody's daughter, Mykelti Padron, is put in the middle in this sneak peek clip for 'Sister Wives.'

Christine and Kody Brown's daughter, Mykelti Padron, is being put in the middle of their ugly split on Sunday's Sister Wives. In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip, the new mom brings her baby daughter, Avalon, to meet Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn

"Even though I know that I have 100 percent support from Mykelti, I know that she also supports Robyn 100 percent," Christine says of her daughter in an aside interview. "She can balance like nobody I know."

Mykelti is close with Robyn, who was even present, via Zoom, at the home birth of Avalon. 

"I'm so glad you came to see us with everything going on with your mom and everything like that," Robyn tells Mykelti, smiling. "I just appreciate you coming."


After a heated discussion in last week's episode that ended with Kody, Robyn and Meri walking away from Christine, Robyn is concerned that their tension could affect her relationship with Mykelti. But Mykelti seems determined not to take sides. 

"You're still Mom, Robyn," she tells her. 

"And Grandma," Mykelti's husband, Tony Padron, assures her. 

"That's just my biggest thing is making sure our relationship continues, and it's based on what goes on in our relationship," Robyn says. 

"It's not based on outside sources," Mykelti agrees. 


Of course, Kody seems to care more about how his split has impacted his relationship with his kids, bringing it up to an uncomfortable-looking Mykelti and Tony. 

"If it's what she wants, I think it's important to support what she wants," Mykelti says of Christine's decision. 


Kody won't let it go, asking the couple how long they've known about Christine's decision to leave him. 

"I know that I can't s**t talk Christine to my kids. I don't want to s**t talk her at all, even though that's my natural urge is to do that," Kody says of his ex in an aside interview. "I have to control that, because that's not fair. I'm catching myself in this moment here.... That's a blame game that I'm playing. I feel ashamed that I'm doing that, but in my brokenhearted state, the anger is just flowing here and nobody likes me."

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.