'Sister Wives' Star Gwendlyn Brown Says Robyn Brown 'No Longer Sees Herself as Part of the Family'

Robyn is Kody Brown's only remaining wife in an active marriage with him.

Gwendlyn Brown doesn't have high hopes of seeing her extended family reuniting anytime soon. The 21-year-old Sister Wives star and daughter of Kody and his ex, Christine Brown, filmed her final recap of this past season, covering the second part of the One-on-One special.

During the segment, she talked about Robyn Brown, the only remaining wife still in an active marriage to Kody.

Reflecting on Robyn's tearful claims that she's always dreamed of having the extended polygamist family together, Gwendlyn called the idea "so lovely and so cute," but added, "I'm not sure that Robyn can be reunited with it... With Robyn, she's made it very clear that she no longer sees herself as part of the family. I'm not sure if she'll allow that to happen with her kids."

The tension in the Brown family has been building in recent years with Kody's estranged wife, Janelle Brown, and ex, Christine Brown, both accusing him of favoring Robyn and her children.

Gwendlyn added of her stepmom, "She states that she wants us to be this big happy family but in my experience, that's not true. She doesn't feel like this perfect person to talk through your emotions. When she says she is and she claims it's going to be this little one-on-one, it feels -- at the risk of sounding like I'm accusing her of being this bad person -- it feels manipulative to me."

Kody's daughter added that she can never criticize Robyn in front of her dad without getting him upset.

"If I ever have an issue with Robyn, it's like, 'Don't ever disrespect Robyn again. She's this perfect, magical, beautiful, wonderful being,'" Gwendlyn claimed.

Gwendlyn, who has been recapping season 17 of the show for her YouTube channel, admitted that sometimes she separates her real life from the televised version of her family while watching the episodes.

"When I watch the show, sometimes I watch it and I forget that I'm one of these people," Gwendlyn shared. "When I watch it, I'm this completely separate person, which is probably not a good thing. Because when you're watching the show and you see these people as people on TV, you start to see them as less human and more entertainment. And that's not a good way to think about my parents."