'Sister Wives' Star Gwendlyn Brown Shares Why She Thinks Dad Kody 'Changed'

The 21-year-old daughter of Kody and Christine Brown responded to a fan asking why she felt her dad had changed.

Kody Brown's kids are noticing a definite change in the man they grew up with. The Sister Wives star's 21-year-old daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, whom he shares with his ex Christine Brown, recently spoke on her weekly YouTube recap of the family's TLC reality series about how he's changed. 

When one fan asked if Gwendlyn could pinpoint the reason behind Kody's apparent change in demeanor, she cited the fact that many of the TLC star's 18 children have now reached adulthood. 

"He really has changed," Gwendlyn said of her dad. "The reason I think he started changing is because his kids used to be young and easily manipulated and I think he found it easier to talk to them [back then]. We weren't as opinionated." 

She added that now Kody and several of his kids are estranged, which she attributes to herself and her siblings getting opinions of their own. 

"Now we're adults and we have our opinions. We have our adult thoughts and we have things we do as adults and I think he just found it easier to talk to [us] when we weren't as opinionated," she explains. 

Gwendlyn isn't afraid to call her dad out. In a recent episode she criticized Kody's comments about Christine amid their split. 

"It's not fair for him to blame it on my mom when he's the one that's not showing up. I probably am the worst one in the situation because I complained all the time about how my dad hadn't shown up... it's definitely not my mom," Gwendlyn said at the time. "It was most likely, if anyone was feeding information to her, it was probably me."


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