'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Teases More to Her Story After Kody Split: 'Not All Is Always as It Seems'

The 51-year-old reality star previously confirmed in the 'One-on-One' special that she and ex Kody Brown are no longer married.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has more to say. The 51-year-old reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday to share more cryptic messages in the wake of her split from ex-husband, Kody Brown

Meri posted a photo of herself holding up a leather-bound book with, "There's so much more to the story," written across the image. 

In the caption, she added, "Not all is always as it seems. Often, we accept a version of a story as truth because it fits the narrative we've created, or what we want to believe. It's not always about what you're looking at but also where you're looking from. Everyone has their own experiences and their own truths. Remember, no matter how flat the pancake is, it always has two sides."

Meri previously posted the same image back in September ahead of the TLC show's season premiere. At the time, she simply wrote, "There's so much more to the story.... #Ready." 

In the first episode of the season 17 One-on-One special, Meri opened up about her ex's decision to end their marriage without consulting with her. 

"He’s already made the decision," Meri said when asked about the status of her marriage. 

In a previous confessional interview from this past season, Kody said, "I don’t really consider myself married to Meri. If she wanted to move on and marry another, she wouldn’t get an argument with me."

Meri claimed that her ex never expressed such a sentiment to her. 

Also in the One-on-One special, Meri and her former sister wife, Christine Brown, discussed their fractured relationship. 

"I ended the relationship. I did. I ended it. It wasn't safe for me anymore and I ended it," Christine said of Meri during the episode. "I just told her straight up, 'No, we're not going to be friends because I don't trust you. And I'm not going to do that to myself anymore.'" 

The Sister Wives One-on-One special will air part 2 on Jan. 1 and part 3 on Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.