'Sister Wives' Star Meri Spends Time With Janelle's Kids Amid Kody Split, Abuse Allegations

Meri and Kody announced they were 'permanently terminating' their marriage last month.

Meri Brown may no longer be married to Kody Brown, but that isn't stopping the Sister Wives star from spending time with some of his kids. 

Meri took to Instagram early Wednesday morning to share a selfie with Hunter and Logan Brown, the sons of Kody and his estranged wife, Janelle Brown

"When in Vegas, it just makes sense to find a couple of good looking guys to spend a few hours with! 😁" Meri captioned the photo with her stepsons. "So good catching up with these two, and proud of the good men they've become!"

Last month, Kody and Meri announced that they had "permanently terminated" their marriage after years of estrangement. Just days after that, another one of Kody's kids, Paedon Brown, whose mom is Kody's ex, Christine Brown, seemingly accused Meri of child abuse against him and several of his siblings. 

Paedon claimed during a YouTube Live that "Meri was not nice... Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically." 

"Does it move past verbal?" one co-host of the chat asked.

"Oh, it moves so far past verbal. Verbal basically stopped existing," Paedon claimed, adding, "No, we were never safe around her."

ET has reached out to TLC and Meri for comment on Paedon's allegations. 

As for Janelle, she and Kody confirmed that they have been separated for months during the One-on-One special last month. 


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